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**** NO K/D REQUIREMENTS!****  ALL WELCOME!!! "The True Gamers!" (PS3)



This clan is dedicated to all true gamers, who in which don't care about K/D's, or what perks/weapons one uses. All we care about is that you have fun when playing games.


Note, that I hardly play MW3 anymore, mostly Blops2, but if you catch me playing it, don't hesitate to invite me!


The clan is for PS3 (until I can get an XBOX and create on for that console), and is called "The True Gamers."


When you join, you must promise to NEVER use the following:


-Illegal Emblems (Like boobs, dicks, or KKK related content)

-Hacks/Modded Controllers

-Profane Language

-Harass other players/clan members if not "MLG"




To join, just look up the clan on Elite, or PM me:


PSN ID: TheJGamerX



EMAIL: JDasherX@gmail.com



Other info:


-You don't need any DLC/Season Pass to join or play with me/any other members

-If you're in a party with me and we see ragers or hackers and cheaters, expect to see some trolling

-We will back out when we are being harassed. If argument is taken too far however, you have all permission from me to fight back











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