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Controlling spawns, is it legit and how is it done?

ok, so last sunday afternoon I was playing against a team that kept the team I was on (random people) spawning at the front of the ship on hijacked.  I literally had to fight tooth and nail to prevent getting spawn killed over and over again. In the end I got spawn killed about 10-12 times before I managed to break free


My question is, how does this tactic work, how do u control where the enemy spawns and is it cheating, the other team were also moving at high speeds insomuch that it was almost impossible to hot them, weird thing is it didnt seem laggy at all.


It seemed as if the enemy team postioned themselves in such a way that it forced my team to keep spawning in the same place.  I cant remember exactly but they were on the balcony that over looks the very front of the ship and they had player on the left and right stair over looking the very front of the ship.


The other team played very well together as a team, they each knew what they were doing BUT they didnt have clan tags or anything and they were all mostly snipers

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