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Game crashing?


This is weird.  I decided to sell my BOPS disc.  Sunday a couple came by and gave me $25 for it.  Monday morning I get a text from them saying it doesn't work.  I give them back their money, put the disc in my machine, works fine, I did some multiplayer for a couple hours last night.  Sent them a text.  They had gone to another guy and, before giving him money, asked him to show the disc worked.  It didn't.  Guy seemed really surprised.  So they went to Gamestop, bought the game, it didn't work, they returned it, game didn't work in the in-store system either.


This morning I decided to kill some Zombies for old times sake.  Game crashed when it went to load the map.  Restarted the PS3, went to campaign mode.  Crash.  Once more, multiplayer, works fine.  Got out, went to campaign mode, worked.  Went about my day.  About 30 minutes ago I decided to shoot some zombies.  Game crashes when loading the map.


This seems odd as hell.  I've heard of the game crashing, but never had a problem until yesterday.  The couple who bought my game tried 2 other games, all crashed.


My disc is clean, I'l always careful when handling them.  It's dust free, scratch free.  After texting the other couple half the night last night I'm suspecting bit-rot; a problem that hit some early CDs but which I thought had been fixed.  I had the bitrot issue with my Ozric Tentacles CDs, and the damage was clearly evident looking at the CD.  My BOPS disc looks fine.


Anyone else having issues with their BOPS discs?