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Aim Assist and Killcams.

Are people using aimbots on PS3? Sometimes I watch a guys kill cam, and his reaction and aim were so quick, and his crosshaisrs snap to my body so fast and stay right on the center while I'm in motion, that it looks like a computer did it for him. Now I know the game has aim assist, but it never works like that for me.


Another thing that many have noticed thanks to the lag is when you can't see a guy on your screen, but he can clearly see you in the killcam because he is actually in a different place.


Many other things are pretty anoying such as head glitching. And how many times are you going to spawn my into someones crosshairs? I really thought this game was a little better than past COD's, but I'm starting to get that same old feeling every game that I got from MW2, BO, and MW3. Basically, I can't win a 1 vs. 1, and I am constantly thrown into losing games and lag killed.


Every now and then, I'll get one game where I just own, but then go back to barely breaking even. I guess I just don't like COD. Too many things about it make it a hassle instead of an enjoyment. Lag and inconsistancy, and a fanbase of morons who think the stats are legit.


Fix the lag, and it might help.


Also, it feels like my Skorpion is broken now.

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    First of all the scorpion is trash... It's not even close to OP.

    There aren't any aimbots. People are just good at the game, or they are usin QuickDraw. Or they can just hear you coming, or there is a UAV or a blackbird, or their equipment goes off, or they are using target finder, or millimeter scanner. There is so many different things that an enemy can pick up on, and be ready to shoot when they need to be. Another reason might be, you just aren't that good. The killcam thing hasn't happened to me in this game, but it has in mw3 and bo1, never in mw2. But I'm sure it happens all the time in bo2 as well.

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    This game sucks & has a limited skill gap, often broken by connection issues on top.


    Aim assist is ridiculous while the automatic guns having little recoil generally. Yet they add a fast adsing target finder aka aim bot too? Retarded.


    Laser sights so that people don't even need to ads anymore? I guess it's a futuristic cod, must be why I'm getting shot around corners constantly. Most gun battles feel stupid and insignifcant.


    This game feels like HC to me while I'm playing core often in the mix and quite frankly I'm done and trying to sell it with a profit (I got it pretty cheap off a friend).


    It's a kids / tweens / teens game. It's a pretty fun game when it works though and addicting at that.

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      your getting shot around corners cause people are ahead of you in the game, you are at a slower connection to the server than they are so you 'lag'        iw and ta need to do a game together again, then maybe they can get it right again, activision needs to be sued for putting out an unplayable game, class action lawsuits of ruined playstations over the freezing issues, and the lack of support, I really dont understand how the gaming industry rates this game so high, they must have gotten working copies and were playing lan mp.

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      Totally tween, and I'm starting to feel like Steamy Ray Von.