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Throttling your connection is cheating

Been seeing a lot of references about " throttling connections" . IMO, this is nothing less than cheating. It is an exploitation of the mp gameplay and mechanics. In other words, CHEATING.

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    What's ironic is that people do not understand that limiting their bandwidth will not limit or extend their ping.


    The old "host has a disadvantage" idea is still springing up which causes some to do this. I want nothing more than to be host at times. As someone who fights host, I normally end up losing to them. Just the way things are.

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    Not necessarily.


    The way the multiplayer netcode was designed, advantages are given to players with higher pings. So if i can throttle my connection to play the game the way it was intended, then there's no cheating.


    Is it not cheating for me to not receive the full benefit of the connection I pay for?


    Why should those with subpar connections not intended for online gaming use receive a split second advantage in a game that is specifically designed to be a fast paced twitch shooter where you live and die by split second decisions? They have completely taken the small amount of skill that remained in this game out.

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    QoS on your router isn't something that you can patrol as it's beyond the realm of xbox live. If someone's family decides their share of the internet bandwidth is 20% of what's available, who are you to tell them they're CHEATING?


    If their 20% is now below what's required to play the game, they will have a poor experience.


    Are people still trying to claim that there is no host disadvantage? That's kind of amazing but people will believe anything that fits their disposition, I suppose.

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    QOS only kicks in when your connection is saturated anyway.   Ive got 100/5 and I'm generally creating all the traffic so its sort of useless for me.

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    depends on the router. most of the consumer models will even allow you to set a bw limit [in MB not Mbps] with the newer firmwares.


    and anyone with the sense to qos their network probably knows how to saturate the unneeded / unwanted bandwidth. i've got my torrent client limited on the upstream but if i switch it to unlimited it quickly hogs 100% when it can

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    I dont want to run torrents to use bandwidth so I installed Netlimiter3 Pro so that I no longer have 5 meg upload. Now my upload is max at 0.90 meg so hopefully I wont pull host so often, or not at all. It feels to me that being host causes so many of the problems while not being host is fine.

    Last night I was running the `box through my wireless laptop while I had an HD zombie film running on youtube and still pulled host!  I am about to test this theory and if it works OK I will be doing it all the time. Most of the time having more bandwidth is beneficial but not on this game. Maybe if so many folk were not using mobile phones to connect to live we wouldn`t have to do this.

    I am not giving myself artificially high ping ( how anyone could is beyond me anyway ) nor am I throttling my download or saturating my bandwidth. All I am doing is throttling upload speed so that I cannot be given "the privilage of being host". As long as I dont host I have very little problem, and if thats what I have to do to get decent games then thats what I will do.

    If the host disadvantage gets addressed then I will unrestrict it, until then I do not want to host. Why not give us an option to opt out of hosting altogether?

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    It depends on what you mean by "throttling". The common perception of throttling by the masses is to d/l a torrent or similar while gaming with the ill-conceived notion that it magically improves the connection and gives you an edge. This moronic solution is widespread thanks to the innumerable idiotic youtubers reccomending this myth. The reality is it does nothing of the sort except ruin your game further and others due to the resulting rubberbanding, packet dropping mess of a connection. It damages everyone's experience including your own.


    The other form is to cap your upstream bandwidth (if your router supports it) to avoid host selection. This is more acceptable as it doesn't impede other players in the lobby nor does it affect your game anymore than it would normally. It simply stops you from being selected as host, that's it. In MW3s early days this was a viable solution to combat IWs woeful attempts at equalising the host with the rest of the lobby. They eventually sorted this issue, albeit stupidly late. I've been host numerous times in BO2 and found it to be absolutely spot on. From a personal standpoint there is no need for me to avoid host or do any throttling business.

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    I still have no idea how people do worse when they have host in this game. Whenever me or my friends pull host, we win more gunfights than normal since lag isn't rebuffing our shots.

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    What do the lag comp deniers say about players using a tethered 3G connection? I don't know if this happening on BO2 but I know that a lot of people were doing this in MW3 and were in 'god mode'.


    I do know that in at least 90% of games I experience the top player is on a 3 bar, sometimes 2 bar while all the players getting owned are on the full 4 bar. I suspect these 3 bar players who are so hard to kill as your bullets won't register on them are throttling their connection. Or they are in another country to the host and thus have a higher ping.

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