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Nuketown Gamer Background hasn't shown up in my themes yet? WHAT GIVES!!!!!??????


Hello their


I"m having a super hard time getting in touch with support, I signed up with the gamer name 'wwwdotyatsdotcd'. @ https://elite.callofduty.com But I sinced changed it to 'HoodieWeather'.so


Now, I entered the code that was off of the Coins so i can get the soundtrack, along with the nuketown zombie theme player card background, and  Nuketown 2025 player card background, and weapon ammo. It stated 24 hours. I have since not been able to get it? Why is that?


I used the codes over the weekend I do believe sat, or sunday. and now it's freakin Wednesday Dec 12th, 2012







Now, I don't know what to do? everytime i click support it gives error its like the support isn't even there. they just decided to put up a page called support but always have it down,.


Every single time i'm on https://elite.callofduty.com/news/xbox  I click support and i get "

Sorry, an unexpected error occurred."

http://callofduty.com/error?ErrorCode=27&ErrorDescription=Multiple+matching+cont acts+found


Doesn't matter what time of the day.


So, what gives????????