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Hopes/ideas for the DLC content


ok so we've all do some hardcore ******** on here (me included) about stuff and things like UAZ spamming has been fixed.


these current maps are pretty damn lifeless in my opinion so how about we brain storm some cool ideas and see if DLC comes back ok


i'd like to see somthing mountainous like a mountain village in tibet/china with some nice snowy weather effects and some precarious drops


or a map in down town honk kong full of neon lights at night with rain effects


basically i'd like to see some weather and some different times of day.


what i don't want to see is tunnel A, B or C with sniper points covering each other and head glitching at every corner lol 

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    oh and shall we try creating a poll for any old school maps we'd like to see as free DLC like Terminal in MW3

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    I wish they would just start releasing DLC for COD4 instead because the problems I am having with this game make it not worth playing.

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      so you want a re make of cod4, like halo anniversary edition with the engine pushed to maximum etc but same game?


      the sad thing is i'd like that and mw2 as multiplayer only shipped on one disc with a full revamp along with mw, that would be awesome

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    i,for one, would like to see some multi story maps (like kowloon). something with a little depth and space. get away from the cookie cutter mapping. lets go up as well as out.


    also, how about some maps with lots of flanking routes. i think 6-9 is a decent number. lets not get too predictable on running routes. this makes it a little more fun and exploratory.


    more ambient sounds(there are a few i like in this game like both sides of slums. anouncer and crowd)


    the cqc maps have already been created , now, tryarch, lets focus on maps for the rest of us.

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      to be honest i would like a Favella type map from MW2. I liked the multi storey buildings alley ways and long sight lines available accross roof tops and round the edges of the map. I think they definately need to add in some height to the map design

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      I agree.  The maps are choppy and have become very boring.  They don't seem to bring any excitement to the match.  I believe that the map is just as much a factor in the match as the enemy is.  I don't feel that is the case with the maps currently on BO2.  I hope they will add more weather and night maps in the future map packs.  IMO BO1 had great maps overall.

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    I want to see more then just maps. The time has come for Activision to give us something more. Assuming the map packs will have 4 maps each(one for zombies).


    We will get three MP maps. Really thats not to many maps for the price we pay.



    I would like to see new guns for one. New camo. Bring back old guns. I don't care if its futuristic. Let me use a AK47, Thompson, MP40, etc.


    I'd like to see them throw in an old map for free like IW did with Terminal.


    Just those type of things would be cool.



    I'm sure I got more i just can't think of it.

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    personally I would LOVE to see a snow map. I think this is the first game in which there wasn't one to begin with.


    I would also like to see a map with either heavy rain,heavy dust and or low visibility.


    I would also like to see a night map some dark back ally streets. Think of Favela but at night, rainy and thunder storming.


    I wouldn't be against a throwback map, maybe set in the early 80's or 70's. Maybe even farther back, like the mid 1800's with dirt streets and wooden towns, horses tied up in stables, and horse and buggies.


    Lastly, and this goes for all maps, I am a HUGE fan of map hazards like express. Map hazards don't always have to kill you but its a possibility, like Launch from Blackops 1.

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    I just want bigger better maps where every gun type can do well.

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    WAR. War on big maps.  Don't tell me WAR is hard, just do it, you are raking in billions, you claim to like the mode, make it happen.


    Night time maps.  Plaza doesn't count, I played it half a dozen times before I realized the sky was dark, but every square inch of that map is lit up like daytime.  Real night maps like Nightfire from WaW and Hanoi from BO1, one of my favorites from that game


    Weather.  I loved the rainy maps, a snow map would be great- not just snow on the ground, but actually snowing.  The wind in Vortex was really cool, both the sound and the debris flying around.  The twister in the background was icing on the cake.


    Size.  I love CQB, I primarily use shotguns and pistols, but I don't need every single map to cater to one playstyle.


    IF they bring back classic maps, they need to dig deep and bring back WaW maps.  BO1 wasn't that long ago, if I want to play those maps I'll just play BO1.  WaW is still an awesome game and I can still play it (for WAR mostly) but those maps with the modern guns and equipment would be great.  Still, I prefer a focus on new maps.


    Multi-Team Ground War. With larger maps comes the ability to make 5v5v5 games.  There is already ground war in the game, so I am not sure why multi team is only 3v3v3, though I enjoy that being an option, as it almost feels like Face Off, which was surprisingly awesome.


    New Voice acting.  Sorry, I can't think about WaW without screaming Gary Oldman's voice in my head, along with Keifer Sutherland and the Japanese and German commanders.  The voice acting has gone downhill since WaW, as there is nowhere to go but down after that tour de force, but these current Multiplayer commanders are so bad they take me out of the game.  I'll be playing the game, having a good time, hear some boring announcement that may as well be the lunch specials in the cafetreria, and instead of running around shooting at people, I just think "ew, that voice is terrible".


    The Sound director on this game should be ashamed, and not just because of the tatcical/sound whoring aspects people complain about, I don't give a damn about that, there is no artistry in the sound of this game.  The music is generic, too.

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    I want more maps that include water if I'm honest.


    There was a map on BLops 1 that had a beach with some kind of landing craft on it and a couple of buildings, one built into a cliff. I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, but something similar to that would be good.


    I just wish they would be a bit more inventive, try and do something new. A good example of what I mean was in one of the MW3 DLC packs. Again the name escapes me but it was some sort of scaffolding construction themed map on top of a large building. I personally thought that was one of the best maps I''ve seen in a CoD game so far.

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    I would like:

    Overall K/D removed from the game

    Reduce kills to 10 points in domination

    Perm ban to all the bad cartoon porn in the emblems - if you can't draw a dong or a box correctly you should banned.

    I would like to see midgets as a player in the game - they have rights