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Just one of those nights!

Ever had one of those nights where you just can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn?  Yeah, that was me last night.  I played maybe 4 games before I decided it was best that I just turn off the Xbox and go to bed.  Don't know if I was just tired, if lag was a factor, or if the other teams were just that much better, but it was obvious that I wasn't on my A game.  Seemed like every head-to-head matchup I was reacting slowly, aiming at stationary objects, or just looking the opposite direction from the way I should be. 


Anyway, here's hoping this weekend is a little better and, consequently, more enjoyable!

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    This morning I managed to grab half an hour online before I started work and got a right old kicking in every game.

    I'm no where near the best player on here but usually end up positive in every tdm game, this morning I was half a second behind everyone and couldn't kill guys even when I was behind them and they hadn't seen me.


    It's a good job you don't loose points in this situation because I would have wiped out all the good work I did last night.

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    Yeah I get this all the time so I feel your pain. I'm usually top 3 in most 6v6 games but occasionally I'll be bottom and have about 30 assists to my name. Some games just simply don't go your way and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it other than just get some sleep or have a break and try again later.