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The Possibilities


I've been reading the theories on zombies for awhile, but decided just now to post. There is a summarized synposis at the bottom of the post for those who just want the simple version.


I've attempted to do some things in non-custom solo play for zombies in tranzit, but it gets difficult so very quickly if you don't try to keep one zombie alive while you jump from place to place, and then you are restricted by limited funds. These tests also might require more than one person as well.


Here are a few things I've been trying to do, but have had some difficulty and would like others to join in on the conversation or help attempt playing themselves or with friends:






1. I'm beginning to think running backwards around the whole map or just from Town -> Plant -> Farm -> Church -> repeat, will do something in regards to the map or an event in the map. I focus on just the latter for specifically because there is only one tiny lava pool near farm running the second route. I also remember way back when ToB was first completed, one of the developers said "run faster". Yet no one ever figured out what it meant. People were also confused why lava is everywhere from a game mechanic standpoint.


This is true, unless running backwards through the map a number of times, or just through the latter four alters the landscape, or adds an event. It would require stamina up and possibly juggernogg to easily complete. Which would explain why juggernogg comes at the Town, near the largest pool of lava in the whole map.


Now it is possible to run to town from the get go, but you need to jump at just the right corner of the lava at the bridge and you will almost die doing so. You also need to have an imp on you when you jump or it will jump on your head once you've made it and kill you.


Once you have a stronger weapon + faster speed and life, running backwards through the world is actually very easy respectively speaking. Having galvaknuckles makes it easier. The problem is I have only ever run forward using certain buffs and items, and never attempted my theory of running backwards a number of times. Mostly its because I never hear people talking about it. Some players I think tried it once but then stopped, or only partially ran backwards.


Other reasons I think this might be the case:


- Before the recent posts by either developer clues or trolls, I'd often thought that the world might be used as a clock(given all the clock signs), and that the bus is freezing it in time. This is because TEDD is driving in a counterclockwise fashion, thus if time moves forward and you move backward, it would remain in hell. However, if you ran backward in order to go clockwise and thus forward in time, you would end up changing the landscape.


- With the recent "CLUES" most reference reversal and something Largest. These reinforce my beliefs assuming they actually are legitimate. What is bigger than the planet? Without it you, wouldn't have the ability to run, to seek clues or to see.


- Time was kept by using both the sun and moon, and the planet. Thus the planet itself is a device.




I have not completed either tower of babble, let alone both so I have not been able to test this. I also do not know if you need the tower of babble done to complete the other hidden elements if they are currently functional, and within the game.


My personal belief is that you need to have completed both maxis and richotofen's easter egg in one game, and then use the correct teleporter. Maxis I believe you complete first since he talks to you first. I think given Maxis control of 3 main teleporters, and richtofens control of 4 teleporters is the key to this riddle.


THERE ARE 8 TELEPORTERS afaik. What happens when 7 of the 8 teleporters are being diverted to energy somewhere else? Well logically speaking, the last unaltered teleporter would than have to send you somewhere unconnected...Perhaps to the past CLEAN world?


If this is true, than IMO, the TOWN or the Cabin is the likely teleporter that is unaltered or needs to be used(its possible its the diner or depot...but the town or cabin seem more likely to me.). I have my doubts its in one of the other locations, however it could be completely random or it could be in one of those locations.


The reason I state the cabin, is its the closest teleporter to that boxy generator(im not talking about in the power plant either) near the derailed train, and according to wiki, the cabin is supposedly homage to Evil Dead. Developers sometimes make game conditions based on events that pay homage to creations of the past. In Evil Dead, using the necronomicon sent Ash backwards into the past. And Evil Dead involved skeletons and zombies, etc.


- When you are near the cabin on foot, Samuel i believe, mentions something about aliens and probing. Thinking about the bermuda triangle, and evil dead references makes me believe the cabin may be the last unualtered teleporter. With all condidtions of both maxis and richotfens side met, you might be able to use it to travel into the past.




Anyways these are my ideas. Please throw out some ideas of your own to help.


In synopsis:


1. Run backwards around the map a number of times or at Town-> Plant -> Farm -> Church -> Repeat.


     - opposite of TEDD(hes counter-clockwise), which is clockwise.

     - World can be used as a clock.


2. Complete Maxis side than richtofens side. This will make 7 out of 8 altered teleporters. Find the final teleporter and travel to new location or dimension(possibly the past).


     - Last teleporter would likely be cabin or town(possibly depot or diner), though it could be any of them.

     - My bet is on cabin teleporter, pays homage to evil dead, especially Army of Darkness, the final in the series.

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    i like that theory

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    Adding a bit extra to the theory with some helpful information. Since someone on another forum mentioned the teleporters are time numbers Here is a list of what I believe are the timescales of the teleporters:


    The map is based on the bus depot map, therefore the depot and the power station are the furthest north. I do not know if this is the correct profile, but its best guess.


    Based on pylon clock it is:


    Cabin - 0/12

    Power Station/Lab - 1

    Nacht - 3 to 5..I believe its actually diagonal southeast and pylon NW if you go by the bus depot map, and therefore 5.

    Church (teleporter just after lavapool near diner, and before farm) - 7




    Its possible the last 4 are considered RICHTOFENS side of the map and therefore are the 4 portals hes supposed to have EMP'd. Therefore the other 4 teleporters are Maxis side, but he only needs 3 of them.


    But assuming they aren't:


    Diner - 8

    Town - 9?

    Bridge - 10?

    Depot - 11?


    It could be Bridge is 10 and town is 10, but i think Town is lower.


    However, due to the distance and awkwardness of the possible Richtofen map side, im guessing those arent part of the clock.




    Therefore the teleporters that are important are 0, 1, 5, 7 in times.


    Were the clock times 5:11, and 7:50? or 7:51? I can't remember but someone said that we are at 5:11 in day and need to make it 7:50 or 7:51 at night.


    SO you make a scalene triangle putting turbines at all locations of powerstation, nacht, and church(possibly after completing both EE in one game, or maybe not). And then either the navcard works, or you need to teleport using the cabin Teleporter(possibly with the orb from the Mystery Box, and you will get sent back in time?


    Someone mentioned that bank is 8:10 iirc, so something to think about.