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Is it safe to come back yet?

I left the game a while ago because it was just unplayable, I came back last week and it was still as bad, it was so bad I didn't even switch to Halo I left Xbox itself and went and played Far Cry 3 on my PC.


Is it safe, or will I still get infuriated with the epic skillz of the people killing me after I've ran into a building and inability to play without 9 host migrations per round?

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    You may want to give it a few weeks or months...

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    I wouldn't listen to anyone on here.  All they do is complain.  Try it yourself if it doesn't work for you then so be it.

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    It's not any better than it was. They still haven't even acknowledged there is a problem.

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    It's better but still crap, HCKC: fired my SIG 556 and all 3 rounds were blanks, Skorpian is OHK to at mid range.


    Gonna go visit 2558, 2025 just isn't doing it for me.

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    I really didn't like this game on release (I still don't), infact I couldn't even play it for the first week it was out. Not figuratively but literally, the servers wouldn't let people on a certain ISP in my part of the country conenct. When I did get on the lag was terrible hit detection was atrocious and spawns were the worst that they have been.


    A month later


    Lag is better, it's not good by any means but more often than not it's working on par with a decent 3 bar in previous titles, hit detection still sucks just keep shooting till they die. Damage seems really inconsistent in this game sometimes I kill in 4 shots sometimes it's 10-15 shots depends on the connection but it is technically "playable'


    Spawns still really suck. I got a triple today by accident shooting some one and two other people spawned behind him.... In FFA... on Overflow...


    Try it out, the more you play it the more you expect it to be bad and the less frustrated you get with it. They tried so hard to make it competetive and screwed everything up that was supposed to balance the game.


    I think the mindset you need to take going into this particular game more so than any others is that;


    -It is a video game not Real Life

    -It's poorly produced but eventually (hopefully) it will get patched

    -Spawns are crazy always turn around and chech behind you before moving forward


    and finally bust most importantly,

    -Everything that you thought made you a good player in previous titles punishes you and makes the game super super difficult.


    Play smart, and remember if you don't enjoy it take a break!

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      Dude if they didn't try to make it for comp play it would have really sucked.. You think comp play wants un balanced weapons? Comp play forced them to make them balanced and when they all are people get mad when an smg or shot gun works the way it's supposed to lol smh

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      Good post, sir.


      The fact I paid £42, I expect it to be good, I paid £5 for Unreal Tournament on steam and I was expecting to get bored of my Childhood game realtively easy and I've spent more time on it having fun. Best of all, the servers still work, might play me some old people!

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    I've given it a go when the chances of a good game were high, my first game was superb, the rest were totally awful.Looks like no Double XP for me.