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    Excellent post, Supa.


    There are so many factors involved. I know I have seen it as well, it is frustrating to be sure. Some lobbies are just worse than others as well. I am just not sure there are any easy answers for it.

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    Yeah there is an easy answer. Lets players choose games based on ping results.

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    Thank you good pick up. Bookmarked for future ref.

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    I think those are interesting ideas, but I worry they may bog down the system. Right now, the system just tries to keep lobbies alive by filling in gaps. The problem is quitters... people leave and leave gaps. They fill those gaps with players, regardless of score. It is frustrating for sure, but imagine the frustration you would feel if you kept losing lobbies because people kept leaving and nobody came in to take their place?


    It sucks, for sure. But I think doing something like this ay really impact not just matchmaking, but the game experience overall. I usually avoid this by playing with a group. If I am solo, I usually just accept that I may be put into a situation that is unfavorable, lets face it, people don't quit out of matches they are doing well in.

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    Treyarch has said in one way or another that getting the player into the best game from a connection stand point is their focus. In this game, the score of the match will never play a part in players joining.

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    I don't buy that. Anytime I get thrown into a match that is already in progress, it's usually half 3 bar players. When I get matched up in a new game, its mostly, if not all 4 bar players. I think you just get randomly thrown in any game that needs a spot filled.

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    This thread still does not explain why hotfix's and title updates change the lag. If it is as basic as they are saying, what adjustments could be causing these changes to lag that happen concurrently to title updates and hotfixes? Why do other games not experience the level of lag this game has? I could pop in WAW right now and have little to no lag with a player base globally of 2000 players or less. This thread might explain the basic principle of microsoft's matchmaking (that's who they use to host matchmaking)but it says nothing about what is going on behind the curtain at Treyarch.

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    Interesting, I wonder how long these parameters for matchmaking have been used.


    I noticed a huge difference with the online play after MW2 regarding whichever is the correct term: lag/sync/hit detection. I'm not sure what it exactly it is and I don't pretend to. But as someone who has put massive amounts of love and sometimes pain in the COD series for xbox starting with COD4, I have to wonder...What changed after MW2? While I did well in the last two games, and am doing fairly well in this one, it has never felt as smooth.


    I know a lot of people who are naysayers or don't feel it as much play hardcore. A lot of people seem to play hardcore on these forums. At least those who have been regulars here for years. The feel of the game probably hasn't effected you all as much. Maybe not even at all as people drop extremely fast in HC and there are no kill cams. (Which may improve the overall experience?) Less things to process? I'm just guessing, but I don't know.


    However, for someone who plays core and plays far too much COD, something changed. I wish I could put it in to terms that made sense in the networking guru world of life, but I cant. I unfortunately have to go by how it feels, and it just hasn't felt the same since MW2.  Anyway, thanks for sharing how they do matchmaking. I've just luckily been able to adapt to how each COD "feels" and registers since MW2. 

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    Which is why I feel players take the whole "skill based matchmaking" in public lobbies over the top.

    I find myself playing with a variety of SPM (both high and low), it's not always similar SPM. (whether I'm playing solo or in parties).


    Also, I have never been in games where it's placed me overseas, it's locally based compared to BO where with "locale only". it'll still matchmake me in a lobby in Japan, UK or France when I'm from New Zealand.


    Hopefully this article will shut up those who still believe that skill takes priority over connection including those YouTubers who believe lowering their stats will always matchmake them in easy lobbies.

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    All this post does is give a reason for what is NOT causing the "1 second behind syndrome". It does nothing to explain what is. I could not care less if skill based matchmaking is first priority or 10th. I just want it to play correctly and fairly. I'm sick of getting in games where I am one second behind every player on the other team. It is not enjoyable. I ping 17ms to a server 200 miles away. I live in the middle of the US. There is NO reason I should be consistantly behind other players. It was great for 2 days after the title update but went right back to (if not worse than it was) being a second behind with hotfix .10 and .11. They are now on .15 and it is still bad. This is obviously something they are doing with the net code and has NOTHING to do with matchmaking.