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Congratulation Treyarch for creating another one gun game!

Just like all previous CoD games made by Treyarch.


You don't need anything else in this game but a SMG and Hipfire with Laser, and the Maps are one of the reasons for it.


LMGs are worthless, yes you can get some kills here and there but they have not place in this game, same with Snipers. Snipers in this game are worthless unless you are very good at Quickscoping and even then its extremly hard against all the SMG Hipfire Laser Spray and Prayer. Snipers can be annoying i agree but they aren't as overpowered as you think.


The SMGs except the Scorpion are overpowered, just put Laser on it and Hipfire for the win, you don't even have to aim. Its a joke how easy it is no wonder everyone is using them.


If you think that SMGs aren't overpowered then you must be a SMG only player who is afraid of them being nerfed in the future, cause the last nerf did basically nothing.


Seems like Treyarch will never learn how to make a balanced game, they continue making the same mistakes over and over again, congratulation Treyarch you made a one gun game once again.


(Back to skill based Black Ops 2, abusing the laser hipfire on SMGs.... what a joke)

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