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The First Real "Destrutives Hacks" Real Anti-Hack

Maybe the best thing to do, if hackers use data on your pc, for wallhack, aimbot, fast kill, it's to put in regional options of panel control the two attached symbols ^- giving a real anti hack. Lol.

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    Hacks uses programs to bypass and change the codes of the game, there's nothing to do with the regional options and stuff. Anti-hacks are programs that detect if the .exe file is beign changed, since you have to inject the hack in your game to do something. Some hacks can bypass that system, so even if they use, the only way to get them banned is to report manually if you see a hacker.

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    If everybody play mathematics or with symbols with regional options for decimal and negative sign, hackers will be out. I've nice scores now. Please ALL change your regional options.

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      wierd worlds are these

      What the hell are you on about???



      1st you posted saying that people needed to forward ports to stop cheats from working which was just funny as hell because it was something that was, so stupid that it just made me laugh but annoyed that you were trying to say that cheaters can only play the game because people hadn't forwarded ports.


      Now you saying that to stop cheaters you need to only be able to play with people from the same region as you?



      That is even more stupid that when you mentioned port forwarding will stop cheaters.



      In the UK we have North West, North East, North, South, South West and South East and they are all regions, then you can break it down even further to say Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside etc etc


      Are you saying that if I lived in the South West that I should only be able to play against other people in the South West so as to stop cheaters being able to play??


      It's bad enough trying to play the game without noobs running around with the laser smg's that outgun everything, and now you want to limit the amount of people we can play against to those who happen to live within say 30 miles of each other.


      It won't happen and it won't make any difference, but if it was brought in you would suddenly see a big rise in numbers of people playing the likes of Crysis 2, BF3, COD 4 and COD 5 because everyone would instantly uninstall the game or atleast the smart people would.


      Anyway give it a rest on trying to tell everyone how to play the game with less cheaters or how to stop the cheaters, because they will never be stopped fully because they have the attitude of a looser and they will continue to cheat, even after being banned except it will be in another game or they will buy a new copy of this game and come back to cheat once more.

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    I'm not sure what you're trying to say there OP. Did you use any form of automatic translation by any chance? If you please use a different one or put the text in its original language in there too.

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    i dont see the big deal with hackers . since the game came out i have see no hackers .

    yes lag comp makes the game harder on those who are afftected .


    now noobs stop talking about hackers , get skill .

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    There was more than 500 000 members of hacking on bo2 at the launch. So people saying no hackers are noobs or campers making a k/d ratio between 0 and 0.5, so they can't see hackers. And There is no lag compensation.

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    Regional fixes rofl.

    Its memory editing not file bypassing.