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PS3 Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit glitch


I was playing Tranzit on public match doing the Dr. Maxis Tower of Babble, got to round 4 after releasing the electric fella, and the game glitched or something leaving the players' bodies stuck running in place, along with the zombies. But we were able to go about the map running and jumping and diving, but the guns became invisible, but could still shoot them, and I found the bus without the driver. I jumped in and it put me back at the farm which was the place where Ifirst noticed my team mate running in place. And I couldn't die or interact with the box or doors or the bank. I had to leave the game and lose everything to get out. And off topic, in Theater Mode checking stuff out, I got kicked from the lobby with error (CG_Spawn: no free fake entities) Wondering what that was all about??? Thanks