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Two obtuse vertices rules out a triangle (more)


Obtuse vertices, a subset of convex vertices, have an interior of more than 90 degrees. A triangle may have only one obtuse vertex. Parallelograms, but not rectangles, may have two obtuse vertices. Obtuse angles occur more frequently in polygons with more than four sides. In fact, if the shape is a regular polygon, meaning all sides and vertices are equal, then all the vertices are obtuse if the polygon has five or more sides.


This means we can make a parallelogram with 4 people, having 2 obtuse vertices.


Here is a scaline trapezoid: http://www.basic-mathematics.com/images/ScaleneTrapezoid.gif


Also, on the circumsized note, here is another theory:http://jwilson.coe.uga.edu/emat6680fa05/evans/assignment%204/assignment%204.htm


We may have to connect the lamps such that the spire is the circumcenter of the triangle. I am currently looking for a tranzit layout map that has the lamps on it so I can see which lamps would accomplish this

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    Theres the map I've been using mostly.  I don't think it's QUITE accurate, but it should be close enough to give you're theory a shot.

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    It can't be anything OTHER than a triangle. Heres why.


    That is but one of the required 3 points to complete design. - Triangle


    This is but the tip of which need three sides.  Now create the Tricotomous system. -  Triangle. tree sides.Tricotomous means 3 points.



    Excellent, you have activated the 2 obtuse vertices of the scalene quickly complete the tertiary (node). - 

    3rd node, 3rd and last point.


    Additionally, There are power posters with a triangle that reads  3.0 in the middle. Almost definitely a nod to the easter egg.



    When he says obtuse vertices, he almost certainly saying you're done the 2 sides that link to the ONE obtuse angle. Anyone trying to make diamonds, petagrams, all that stuff are barking up the wrong tree if you ask me.


    Either way, We;ve already completed the tricotomous system, what would doing it any other way accomplish?


    EDIT: Wow. I've just realized you've based the thread on one giant error. A vertex is not the same thing as a vertice. Look it up.

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      Vertice is plural of vertex first of all.


      Also, yes there is a lot of evidence suggesting three sides, however there can't be 2 obtuse vertices in a triangle.


      Also just because he says complete the tertiary node doesn't mean there isn't a quarternary, though the other quotes seem to rule that out.


      I also noticed the 3.0 in a circumscribed triangle, I made a thread about it.

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      Ok I have never heard the first 2 quotes. Can you tell me what you do to get them. I turn the power on and off, power any lamp post and I get the third quote. To me the quotes do in fact describe a triangle. The tertiary node however I think is the pylon. Tertiary meaning 3 or third and node meaning an intersection. If the scalene was created around the pylon with lamps then powering the pylon would create the node as it joins all 3 lamps hence the power flowing to the pylon from the lamps after doing the EE. Jimmy referred to the steps. We need to figure out how to create the scalene. I think the key is to power the lamps while powering the pylon to ' make the connection ' so here's my theory,


      4 players


      1. Power on/off

      2. Power a lamp post permanently and defend it (don't think it matters which one as a triangle can be made between any three)

      3. Power the pylon requiring 2 turbines and defend with 1 person

      4. Power another lamp same as step 2

      5. Now here's the hard part. Not sure if one turbine can be removed from the pylon to use on the third lamp post to complete the scalene. What I'm thinking is that this is maybe where the electric trap could come into play. Does it power a lamp? Alternatively 2 lamps may be connected in some way and can be powered by just one turbine if placed correctly. Not sure but I am certain that this is the step that is being missed before killing the avo.


      Also on a side note, the pylon may need to be powered prior to switching the power. It makes more sense this way due to maxis' quotes


      " need more power something even alive"

      " we'll done you have released him"


      This is just a hunch btw so if it has been tried can you tell me what happened. Please don't say do it yourself as I have been trying for a while to get 4 people involved with no luck. There is only so much you can do solo.


      PSN Metro_Jocks

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    Also, does he not state that the Trichotomous system is complete after you place 2 turbines down? This would seem to indicate that the tower is the third point,

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    Ok well what are we missing, because if he says well done you have done the two obtuse, go activate the third node thingy, what are people doing after putting the two turbines down?? Nothing?


    What can we do to activate the third node thingy??


    Also he says something about being too slow, and letting all the energy escape it something along those line ad go back and re do a step,


    Perhaps people are doing the triangle right but the very next thing people are missing completely because nobody knows what that node thing is,




    Also just a theory,


    If you put a clock face over the green run map and use the town as the centre, if you was to draw a x shape through it, using all the points in the clocks around the map,


    That's 2-5-7-10 because the times show 7:50 and 5:10

    And they are parralells of each other if you was to put two clock faces next to each other and put the hands in those positions,



    Could that x that u create be the circumcentre of the scalene triangle you are trying to find??

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    Sorry I realise what I have just done lol


    All I did with using it as a clock face is point out the centre if the map, but I suppose it still could also be the circumcentre of the triangle, it's just a bit obvious if it is,

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    Sorry for another quick post but I found something if interest in another thread,


    Please read this thread a it's along the same lines as this current one,


    What's interesting is towards the bottom there's a picture if a map lay out if tranzit, it's a 3d artist impression that some one has done,





    Please note that some one has very kindly drawn all lines through it showing off triangles and the likes,


    Now if the map is just a little off an town is a little bit more to the right than its showing in that picture,, and you created a a triangle between, diner the pylon, and the power station, u would have a scalene triangle, and also town would be the circumcentre of that triangle,

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    What if you think of it in 3 dimensions?... A triangular pyramid (a pyramid with 3 sides) makes it possible to have more than 1 obtuse vertices and still its foot print will only have 3 sides. Think of the top (tip) of the pylon as the top the pyramid.

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    Maxis says that the Obelisk(Pylon) is the tip of the scalene.  this means it could be the middle or a corner.  I think that the tower and four other points make a pyramid of some kind and the tower is the tip.