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Live Dual Analog Gameplay (No theater or killcam BS)




I uploaded this video because people here are spreading false myths about dual analogs. Stop going off killcams as your "proof". They're inaccurate as to what actually happened. There is no "snap on", no "aimbot", no "bigger damage area", no "computer aiming for you" or anything like that at all. If you can see any of these in this gameplay, please tell me.


What advantage do i supposedly have that's totally unfair as well? I fail to see it. Hell, I was pretty much the only guy in this lobby that "wore the pants" with my AN-94 while everybody else ran around with SMGs/Shotguns like little fairys. I even lost this match to a Wiimoter. *gasp*



Another thing too...where is all this lag people claim to have? All my bullets are on point, never got shot around a corner once, and all of my deaths feel fair. Surely it has nothing to do with me living in a country with the most players as well as the fact I took 5-10 minutes to properly set up my router/Wii U's connection that gives me a great connection in game...*knocks on wood*. NO TEH GAME IZ BROKENZ WORST HIT DETECTION EVARZZZ

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    Personally, I've noticed an unbelieveable amount of lag compensation. Running around corners, and people not only have flawless aim, but they have cheetah-like reflexes and kill me with SMGs without me even getting a red screen. I find it ridiculous how all these factors together make up for an unfair experience.


    EDIT: my speeds as of now are 55mb download, but I don't remember the upload.


    Also, the DA don't seem overly broken to me, even though I've seen people do almost imposible feats of precision with them, and I still don't know how.

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    Do all assault rifles have such little recoil like that?

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    I think one of the most interesting things is that so many people have so many different experiences. If we go by the percentages, more people experience what I experience and less people experience what you experience. I don't think anyone is "lying" - but it's curious that there can be such a difference in player experience.


    I appreciate SO much that it appears you do not use SMG. Or pistol. Or target finder. Those 3 things are aggravating. SMG will forever be "noob" to me. Pistols are OP - I burst 4 times with my M8A1 (what's that, 16 bullets?) and got hit markers each time into my opponent. I didn't receive any damage during this, but he shot 3 times at me, got 3 hitmarkets with his pistol and I died. From I'd say 30 yards. He was DA, I am Wiimote. Target Finder will always be noob to me as well. It was hard seeing those RPG kills. Since when does launching an RPG inside a small room or aiming at the floor 10 feet in front of you, kill you but NOT kill the person launching it?? They need adjustments as well.


    As far as the video, I can't help but wish you chose something with Red Dot instead (or sniping?) - only so we can see a larger ADS reticle. AN94 is tiny and hard to assess for this debate, especially when there is constant movement. Love that gun though. What I see from the vid is tight, specific, accurate aiming. I'm really good at the Wiimote and my gameplay does NOT look anything like that. I think that is what we 'moters (lol - wiimoters) are complaining about. Clear difference. Clear advantage. Lag-wise, I'm in the States on great internet, 4 bars almost everytime - I get instakilled, killed around corners, one second someone is there/another second they aren't, one second no one is there/another second they aren't, odd spawning, jumpy reticle, etc, etc, etc. I should have zero lag. Another thing is that from what I see...on Wiimote, I have CRAZY recoil. On DA, under the same loadout, FAR less recoil.


    My personal gripe about DA is that because Wiimote is so "off" right now, there is a clear advantage. I feel the DA have stronger sensitivity, more accurate aiming. That feeling is, at this moment, because the Wiimotes are not tuned accurately. Because of this, more people will use DA. For those who have a high level of skill with Wiimote (I feel I fall under that category), we can't contend or play properly. So to us...yes, it is somewhat "broken". It doesn't work as it should. You can't play as you should. I've only played Wiimote and I don't suck. It's odd that I suck now. Does this mean DA needs a nerf? I can't say or justify that until the Wiimotes work as intended. If Wiimotes don't get a patch, then yes...the game is "broken" and DA need a nerf to balance it out. If they do get a patch, then this argument should be revisited at that time. All that said, there is no doubt the precision in DA is insanely good compared to the Wiimote.


    Thank you for the video. I wish we had someone who can record a vid and who in past game titles is equally, highly skilled at both Wiimote and DA so we can prove things better. DA will win I imagine.

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    Wow.  No wonder everyone does so well with it.  It doesn't need snap on aim assist agains Wii remote players.  It's WAY more precise and accurate than the Wii remote is right now.

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    1.- Since I don't see your hands I'm gonna correctly assume that most of the aim was done with aim assist.


    2.- I have used the same weapon, always aiming to the torso and above, and I always needed more than 2 hit markers to get a kill from mid distance. Thanks to your video we also find that DA users need less hit markers to get a kill.


    Now I'm even more convinced that the DA will be, for sure, nerfed.

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    Ok I can see 1 thing you can do that I can't. When you lock your sites on a target you can hold them there. My gun skips all over the place. And between 6.42 and 6.47, that has to be a bit of lag there. There was no one in your sight, by the time you moved behind the crates someone was all over you and killed you. I might be wrong, but i'm just saying.

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      Getting a mid range kill when ads`ing with an smg with long barrel and grip, using wiimote is just impossible. Cursor jumps all over the place

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      So what you are saying along with activision nintendont is that unless the normal jo is prepared to dmz or open ports do some fancy stuff to their router or move to a country with great internet then put up with the crap??


      most normal people im sure have no time or feel they should be bac dooring their home router in order to play a damn game! i never had this issue with any game on cod with the exception of MW3 and now blops 2 as they are the only titles that have shown a NAT type!


      I have to say that there is nothing that says hacker or cheat but what seems to me is you are one of the few people you get in to a game with that seems to have like a god mode in ability and have silly scores! watching the video plays out how most of us see the game from the opponents point of view! they are standing around as like THEY are not seeing you!! from my point of view i get in to the game (bam) i'm dead and left scratching my head as to where the hell and how did that happen!!


      in most games it seems like i am 2 seconds behind the action so shots do not register, i don't see the ememy and because I play hard core i can't even look at a kill cam to have even an idea how i died!! i did notice i played against UK vital the other night and he got the final kill against me so the kill cam shows on hard core and from my point of view he came in to a room at a similar time and we both started shooting but with in 2 shots i am dead! when the kill cam played back it showed him a second a head of me and firing off rounds before i did but thats not how it looked at the time of playing!


      The wii mote is suffering, it needs patching, DA needs patching to take away to wall banging a assist it provides showing a DA player that a enemy is behind a wall so they can start firing that split second earlier getting the kill every time! I think you may find this is the main issue between the 2 control sets ups in DA tells you that split second by tugging the reticle towards the enemy before you infact even see them! maybe that's why people think aim assist is way too strong??


      I have to say that maybe why people think it lags and why as wii mote we are doing far worse along with the screwed up wiimote controls against DA players!


      I cant even play core now as I get destroyed every time, at least in hard core i may get a hot off and get the kill with a couple of bullets but in core you need like a whole clip which is a clip too long

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    You dont have lag coz your in america numbnuts! My ping to america is like 500, and ive pretty much the top UK speeds available, not counting fibre optic which is very limited area wise. Pretty much 99% of hosts, AND the damm server is in the same country as you.


    PS can you recall us playing in a party with padiego last week? What happened? You ragequit coz of lag - so I call BS troll That experience you had in that game, we get in pretty much 9/10 games

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    nice game

    can u do one with a wii-mote? preferably same map?

    thanx in advance.

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      I can once the sensitivity patch comes out. I can't play without my settings from MW3. The point of this video was to show there is no "snap on", "aimbot", or "bigger damage area" or any of those myths Wiimoters have been trying to perpetrate about dual analogs.

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        Woah, woah, woah. So you "can't" play with the Wiimote due to the difference between BO2 and MW3. So you go to the DA where there is obvious benefits at the moment...and while doing that you talk down to us? You are proving our point, only we don't want to switch to DA...and we shouldn't "have" to. I'm sure if all of us switched to DA then we could talk high and mighty just like you and berate others like you. But we're above that. I'd advise you to keep your opinions to yourself until the patch comes. All we're doing is explaining what we find wrong in the game. A disadvantage, plain and simple...proven by your own switch from Wiimote to DA.

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          Nice job taking what I said out of context. I never "switched". I always use dual analogs for the first few months of a new COD game and swap between the Wiimote and CCP afterwards once I'm used to a game. I use both controllers.


          My whole point in arguing these past few weeks is that the Wiimote being broken DOES NOT make dual analogs suddenly OP. There's a slight disadvantage right now but fixing the Wiimote will solve it.

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            nintendon\'t wrote:


            My whole point in arguing these past few weeks is that the Wiimote being broken DOES NOT make dual analogs suddenly OP. There's a slight disadvantage right now but fixing the Wiimote will solve it.


            The Wiimote is broken AND the Dual-analogs are OP.


            It's not like it has to be either one or the other, it's BOTH !!


            "Slight disadvantage"  you say?   slight?  really?    really?


            nuff said

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    This is what Dual Analog Aim Assist is like, OP.




    It's still the same stuff they use to this day. You will notice how those things are extremely useful to DA players, but downright useless, if not harmful, to Wiimote players.

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    ...watched to the point of second death.  do you get those kind of killcams all the time? ive come to count 2 total that were that bad for me, and those werent even on BO2.

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    Once the Wii Mote is patched I have to assume this vitriol will end. It's madness in here.

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    Here is my take on this.  The Wii remote, which i primarily use, has certain advantages in movement.  I cannot move with the gamepad as i do when using the wiimote.  I use the wiimote all the time except when i feel like sniping which i switch to the gamepad as the curser is all over the place when trying to snipe with the wiimote.  Also, i can not use certain killstreaks with the wiimote like the dragonfly.  Again, because i cant seem to focus in on the target.  So i do not chose that killstreak.  Overall, the wiimote feels better to me and i use it 90% of the time playing this game.  Does the pad have an advantage over the wiimote...i dont think so or else i would be using it more often. 


    And i now got that lag people here have been complaining about in 1 game today where i didnt even see the enemy before being killed.  What i did is just get out of that match and get into another one.  Problem solved....for me. I left one game today.  People may have thought i was rage quitting but i just wasnt happy with the connection so i left and i really dont care what others think.  I get crazy lag when i play this on the ps3 but on the wiiu...it just happened in 1 game for me.


    So to sum up....im really happy with the game and i hope the few things that are wrong with it do get patched up. Not big issues for me and i primarily use the wiimote. 


    One more thing...i never cheated on the wii...what was the point?  my kdr playing reflex, bo, mw3 was 1.3....1.4.  people love to cheat back then or play in a clan who had 1 or 2 guys cheating.  Yeah, you did and u know who u are.  I'd stay in each and everyone of those matches cuss there aint no better feeling then defeating people like that.  Im not closely following my kdr in bo2 but its way higher then when i was on the wii.  Playing againt cheaters made me a real beast, saan.


    btw Good game play nintendont.