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My hosting experience with this game is bad.


So it got to that time of day where I was looking forward to getting my cod fix. I was going to try out some assault rifles to level them up for a silencer to use them in a stealth class. You know get the sort of challenge and enjoyment out of the game that makes cod fun.


Nope, time and time again I'd be host. Time and time again I'd get instakilled by the invisible man. Time and time again I'd see an enemy and have absolutely no time to react. You know all the usual suspects that get mentioned.


This is exactly the same as MW3.


Now don't get me wrong I'm really happy for all the people out there that never have or see issues with cod. Unfortunately I'm not one of them. This game has forced me away from core as it just shoves the dodgy killcam deaths in your face. It's even got me liking people from my own country to try and improve my matchmaking chances. Just to be 100% sure I've even upgraded to another router and that's 3 in total between MW3 and blops 2.


Why do I put myself through this torture, good question, probably because I love the game even though from my experience it's in need of repair/tweaking/adjusting. From the people that talk ingame, hitmarkers and rubber bullets are keywords frequently mentioned. From the playercards and clan tags out there you frequently see lag and lag ops.


1 out of 12 people are host and even though not every host will recognise these issues they are there.


Nobody on these forums has yet to hear acknowledgement about not only the bad host experience but also bad matchmaking and possibly the occasional bad host selection too from 3arc. If you have please post a link.


For the sake of cod this really needs attention.

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    Being host in this game is like being cursed, youre guarenteed to fail. And i haev more than enough bandwidth to cover it which makes even less sense. Unplayable. But for the buddies i play with they love having me host, some of the best games theyve ever had. This happened ever since bo1 and most likely wont ever be addressed. This game is pathetic.

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    I am probably the only one that enjoys being host, i wish the game would make me Host more often but sadly it doesn't, the Host changes always after few matches.


    My connection is 10mb up, what is yours?


    Friend of my has also 10mb upload and when he is host i am almost untouchable, its not even fair anymore to be honest.

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    I did have a "host disadvantage" thread just after BO2 released but I noticed my target assist settings was disabled therefore giving me this idea that hosting was bad.


    I've been hosting after switching on target assist option on and I'm not having too many problems hosting compared to MW3's host system at launch.


    Personally, if I'm hosting or playing on a 4 bar, the game isn't running too bad for me. I have those games where the match is out of sync (what I see on my screen vs. what the other player sees) but it's so far isn't too bad.


    It sucks that you aren't enjoying and hope that any further connection tweaks/fixes will benefit your hosting experience.

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      It certainly does suck vims. At the start I also had more problems and I've seen the connection bars improve in my pots since release and also I've seen slightly better matchmaking since release. It's not as if they aren't working behind the scenes to try and get things more stable.


      At the end of the day they're probably just unable/unwilling to give someone with my sort of connection at my location a fair game when hosting.


      It's good to see that you're enjoying it anyway and I hope it continues for you.