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The electric trap


Firstly I don't play much through time constraints, my son and I play custom games as I won't let him play online. Anyway I'm fascinated with everyone's dillemma at the moment. Infact this has introduced me to a new side of zombies, previously I thought zombies sucked until I realized the depth of it.


What I've noticed is the lack of talk about the electric trap, it's possible uses? Given the map and or story lines is focused on power I believe the electric trap has more of a purpose. Let's face it, for one player or randoms it's not a great piece of equipment unless it's use is planned, this doesn't make much sense as you need to coordinate it's use for little gain. Basically making it not worth building.


Anyway enough rambling, what if it's intended use is to harness power somehow? Or maybe harness something else? The trap has a battery but it's obviously flat and doesn't work without a power source of some kind. If you look at the trap it has jumper leads. What does something having jumper leads tell you? It tells me it needs powering up from a live power source.


Now as I said I don't play much and quite frankly don't have the knowledge and or skills that a lot of you blokes have but I do recall comments about loose wires around the map somewhere, has anyone tried hooking up an electric trap to these wires?


Take all I said with a grain of salt, but I honestly believe this piece of equipment should have a higher purpose, the method may be completely wrong but believe a method for it's intended use must be discovered.




Ps I apologize if there are spelling mistakes or some words changed. iPad