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Question about the map, Standoff.


Okay, I have a quick question about this map. It's nothing important and doesn't relate to game-play. It's about the teams. Why do we see two SDC tanks but no SDC team? I think the teams should be the SDC vs Mercs.


(CAMPAIGN SPOILER) Since in the Campaign it is possible to have the SDC help the U.S. go against Menendez. (END CAMPAIGN SPOILER)


And if having the SDC vs Mercs doesn't seem to work out for some reason, have the SDC go agianst the Navy SEAL's. The country in which the level is in borders China, so it does make a little bit more sense for the SDC team to be there.


I post this because I do believe the SDC isn't featured on enough maps. I'm sick of hearing the annoying deaths sounds of the Militia and the Mercs talking about "Payment."



Thanks for reading.