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Target Finder


I love my target finder, for me it helps scope out the campers and it also helps with snipers and very dark maps such as Plaze and Drone. I know, this post doesn't mean anything, just my thought.

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    I love Cold Blooded, so I can sneak up to you without you knowing

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    mate, here comes the haters, im not one i couldn't careless what people use, but theres many who do.

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    I think it's a pretty big advantage for those that can use it. It also has ridiculously fast ADS time and makes LMGs 100% recoilless sniper weapons. Having said that, I hate it...because I can't use it. lol 

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    >implying we cant see you in our sights anyway

    >implying cold blooded even works against it.


    Target finder imo is good to HELP spot the people headglitching and camping across the map. Otherwise, it is no different than a red dot sight or holo sight. Just cause there is no red diamond over you doesn't mean you are invisible. Also, if the player using a target finder were to move his crosshairs over you, the target finder would 'buzz' and turn red for that moment. TBH this needs to be nerfed but still, you aren't invisible.

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    Just to be clear, I was not insinuating I was invisible, I was merly stating a fact that heavy reliance on the target finder could be the downside of the attachment. I am not one to run straight into sombodies sights on purpose (unless I am a diversion), I normally stick to flanking routes.


    Regards Apocalypse

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    Target finder is useful against campers, snipers, and headglitchers from a distance. i only take it out when theres alot of headglitchers or campers on the other team. when you use it, you cant really see anything, over half the screen is blocked, and you move damn slow ADS unless its used with the stock attachment. definately not a rushing tool, more of defending/partoling tool.

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    Target Finder is fine in some cases. My problem with it is that it identifies a target at any range simply by detecting a single hair on top of their head. It also sees through brush and smoke (sometimes). It takes recoil away from guns by at least 60-80% and turns all weapons including SMGs into full-auto snipers



    The reason I don't like it is because people will sit in a far corner positioned in a way that they can see an objective while remaining completely hidden (I mean 100%) and just wait for the red box to pop up. They won't see their target and have no idea anyone is there, without it they wouldn't have a clue, but they still can get cheap kills because of how it works



    Solution, target must have 50% visibility and it's range is only X feet. That way people can't sit and headglitch getting easy kills

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    if you know where they are go and kill them.

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    You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you're exaggerating just a little bit. I've used the target finder, and it's effects are nowhere near as strong as you're claiming they are.

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