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Crashing while in game

When i have played mw3 for a while the game suddenly just crashes and i have to restart it.... It has never happend in any other game that i have been playing, just mw3. I reinstalled mw3 and it didn´t help so i tryed to reinstall steam and it haven´t change anything....

What should i do????

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    I would look in Admintools/Event Viewer, to see if anything shows up, then if anything shows up copy paste into google, as the PC is a complex thing, it may be something you installed resent that is incompatable with one of the game drivers.  I have had an ongoing battle with Cod4, it crashes every now and then, and I have carried out every known fix and I still get the odd crash.


    But it maybe down to overheating issue, driver issue make sure you have the latest sound graphics, mobo and bios drivers.