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A message to Treyarch: Black Ops 2 must be fixed!!!!!

Dear Treyarch,


Hi, I am a big fan of call of duty. But the multiplayer needs to change because its not fair for the players. First, the melee system. I hit this guy with the ballistic knife but i just lunge behind him and then he turns around and kills me. I'm trying to get all of my special weapons such as the ballistic knifes, combat knife, and the riot shield to gold camo but I can't get it if I can't even hit knife one person! I honestly think that this fps is the worst game of all when it comes to melee. There are hundreds of times I should of have won close battles but I failed at most of them because I just boost right beside my enemy. I am always sure I am hitting my enemy. Next, the spawning. I died by someone. I spawn. The same person kills me again. I spawn. Again, The same person kills me. I spawn. I once threw a grenade then died by an enemy, I spawned then my own grenade kills me. Make it to where people don't spawn near danger. I paid $80 for this game and i'm not buying it just to die all the time. Please fix that Treyarch. Where is all the support and care for your fans, Treyarch? Tell me? Finally, the weapons. Please increase the blast radius and damage for the crossbow and make the riot shield break less, do about 75%-95% of damage towards the enemy. An-94 bullet damage should be decreased a little and lower the pistol damage too.


I thought of updates that make the game a bit funner but you do not have to do this. In zombie mode, add more guns and be able to equip all perks. More custom game rules should be added to zombie mode just to mess around and have fun such as: Fly mode, Unlimited ammo, Bottomless clip, No dying, All guns equipped when you start, all perks, Zombie control(how strong the zombies, the numbers of zombies), and go through walls.

I have a question for you Treyarch; Will you be adding more weapons in the DLC?


Sincerely Ray