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what would you do?????


Ok, so, you're playing a game of dom with a full team of 6v6. You see one of your teammates capturing a point (A,B or C). lets just say B for now. Ok, now your team has already got A and C and then you look and see your teammate capturing B, PLUS, you have a UAV up which shows ALL enemies are behind us(either at A or C, lets just say C for now), would you......


a) run towards A where there is no enemies (which teams i play with always do)


b) help your teammate capture B


c) let your teammate capturing B on his own get his f**king head blown off by the enemies cause it takes to long to capture on your own.


I know its a tough choice here(hint sarcasm) but why the hell join an objective game if you are not going to play the objective. sorry but seriously gets on my nerves. soooooo many games where im left capturing on my own and nearly have it only for my teammates to run the opposite way of the enemy and for me to get my head blown off and then we lose 2 points and end up not being able to get them back. I have had to solo capture and defend so many times but i am going to admit, i am not the best player, so i cant always do it on my own. all i ask is please play the objective or just join TDM or FFA or something. sooo many players on my team at the end with no captures or defends and have 18 kills and 20 deaths or something along those lines. whats the point

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    In a real battle, there is always somebody giving the orders! In a game full of total strangers, a lack of clear cummunication or absolutely no communication, inexperienced gamers and sometimes joining a game in the middle, on the losing side (in my case, I'm alway totally disorientated joining a game half way through), all these parameters just don't go in favour of winning the game.


    Maybe matchmaking could do something about this. SPM, captures, defends, kills/deaths etc. All measurements that could be put together to categorize everybody in team-based games.


    In DOM or all other team-based games for example, you could be categorized as;

    • Recruit
    • Soldier
    • Mercenary
    • Veteran

    Then you could be put into teams of comparable strength, similar to the league play games. Maybe this system is used in league played games with different measurements.

    Just an idea!

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    unfortunatly with the new scorestreak system it is way more difficult now to get high streaks going in TDM so a lot of the kids and campers found their way to the objective modes and are using it to get their K/D up and their streaks on. Ignoring mission objectives and teamplay. I see this happen way too often, people running opposite way of enemies to find nice camping/headglitch spots. One thing i find that helps a little is calling out positions yourself even though no one else is

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    TDM/FFA is too hard for them because the objective is to kill, and they suck when someone is hunting them down, not the flags.


    This whole thing frustrates me.


    P.S. Do you have a song/mantra you repeat over and over whilst watching the cap countdown creep up agonisingly slowly? I do, feels like if I keep saying it I might just cap the flag just before getting slaughtered!

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    ladylucina wrote:


    Ok, now your team has already got A and C and then you look and see your teammate capturing B


    I think we should back up here and look at the previous capture.



    Your teammate is on A while B is still up for grabs and you have C. What do you do?



    A) Help your teammate capture A and your team divided on both side of the map making the enemy spawn on B which they will now most certainly caputre and then have a quick access to either A or C



    B) Continue to battle for B while the enemy's spawn flips so your lose A and get flanked on B losing both flags


    C) Fight to hold C and push the enemy away from B, yell at your teammate and tell him to chill the f*ck out and focus on B and C first


    Poin is you shouldn't  be in this situation to begin with. It hardly ever works out in your teams favor

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      good point man. but i was just giving an example of what i meant lol. didnt necessarily mean that scenario but you get my drift lol. but good point you make

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        I fully understand the point you're making. I was just explaining how the situation should have been avoided to begin with. Sometimes you can't control the randoms and they cap whatever they can. This will only make things worse in the end

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    I lost a game of Dom on Meltdown yesterday, in Ground War (9v9).  I finished the match with 7 caps (5 of them solo caps of B), while nobody else on my team had more than 3.  I only managed 3 defenses, primarily because I spent most of my time sprinting from my spawn to the B flag when I died while going for/getting those caps...no worries, still tied for the team lead in that category, too.  I was 28-16, good for a score of 3850.


    The leading scorer on my team went 41-20 with 2 caps & 2 defends.  I went back and watched the game in Theater mode; his two captures were recapturing the home flag in the first half (after nobody could be bothered to go back and defend it against the one enemy player who crept around to it, and then capping the home flag to start the second half.  His two "defenses" were killing enemies in the tunnel underneath B-Dom (the game counts those as defenses on this map, even though you can't cap from down there).  The majority of his game was spent sprinting through that tunnel and into the opposing office building to hunt snipers; he literally never even set foot within capping distance of B.


    Another player on my team went 31-9 with 1 cap and 3 defenses.  His secret?  Spend the entire match in the upstairs office near our home flag with his sniper rifle, the majority of that spent prone & staring at the interior doorway after his shock charges & betty went off.  His only cap was the home flag in the second half, and all 3 of his "defenses" were sniped shots of guys who happened to be near the B flag.  The majority of his kills came courtesy of an escort drone which he pulled out of the one care package he earned.


    Had a split screener on the team which went a combined 43-40 with two combined "defenses" (also in the tunnel underneath B, by player 2 who spent the entire game down there).  Each side of their screen had the same 3 caps: all of the home flag, at the start of each half plus the one re-cap.


    The rest of the team:

    • 19-22, 2 caps (home flag at the start of each half), 0 defends.
    • 21-11, 2 caps (start of each half), 3 defends (tunnel)
    • 10-18, 0 caps, 0 defends
    • 7-9, 1 cap (start of second half), 0 defends


    The only time in the entire game where I had "help" in capping B was when one teammate ran across the flag while I was getting the opening cap of the second half.  My final death came about 40 seconds from the end of the game, literally a split-second from finishing my sixth solo cap of B; any other teammate so much as looking at B would've gotten the cap & won the game (assuming we held it).  And it wasn't like the other team was so great, either: their only player who went positive finished at 22-20....but, they had two players with 5 caps apiece, and they actually did their best to defend B (which wasn't much, because that only meant killing me whenever I went to recapture it).


    I left the lobby immediately after the end of the match.

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      omg i seriously feel you on this one. that is so similar to a match i had on meltdown. my team had 2 caps(the home flag) and thats it. camping up in the office and in that tunnel to. fair enough u could prob get kills to the opposing team if they went for B but come on, i have had to solo cap and defend alot on that map. and most the time i get about 2 "killed attacker" kills and then i get smoked lol. i cant look to my left, right, behind and in front all at the same time lol. would be so good to just get a little help or cover from teammates. it just gets so frustrating. to be truthful i am not a K/D person or stats person but in objective games, at the end i always look at my teams stats and the caps and defends etc they get. as i said before, I have even been on a team where 2 players have had 0 caps or defends, which means they didnt even bother to cap the home flag at the start of each round. they just care about flanking etc and getting a good K/D. truthfully i would even be happy with going a full game with more deaths than kills as long as we win and the whole team plays the objective. i have went games with more deaths than kills before but i would have alot more caps and defends than my other 5 teammates. seems i seriously always get the teams that just care about K/D

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        Yeah, Ground War is often worse; you get a lot of people there who just want more targets to up their k/d or SPM & don't care about winning or losing.  It's a shame, because 9v9 works much better for Dom on many of the maps (Yemen in particular), and my least-favorite Domination map (Express) isn't in the rotation.


        I've had plenty of negative games where I was happy because I got the caps we needed to win.  The only time I really care about my final k/d in a match is when it's TDM or KC, because I hate to be that guy who went negative & cost my team the win.

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    I never worry about K/D.


    If I get the most caps/defs of my team in a game I'm happy.


    In fact, someone else can have more caps/defs than me if they want as long we win!