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Legal online download?

Hey! I recently bought the game on eBay and the seller sent me the keycode in advance. I was wondering if there was a way to download an uncracked version of the game anywhere where I could then put in the code to make it work or if I had to wait for the discs. Thanks a lot!

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    Wow, I am a giant dingus. I just put the code in Steam and it began a digital download. I always thought only a steam code could do that, not the retail cd code. Problem solved!

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      Nice to see you are sorted but with most retail games that require steam and online verification, you only need the online activeation code, making the disc(s) redundent. may be a good thing or bad depending on how you view it, why produce a DVD in the first place if steam is going to download it, with a few games you can force steam to install from disc and just get the updates from steam, normally you have to let steam install which can be a slow process at best