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I am looking for a serious clan.


Hello, my name is Dre and i am looking for a serious gaming clan i am sick of losing to everybody and having the nooby ******* on my team.i have a 2.18 kd and its rising i can play almost any game mode except search i am just tired of losing and i want a team that has around the same skill level as i do my PSN is DreMakesYouRage hit me up on here or send me a message now im am currently online and i dont plan on getting off anytime soon thanks. Oh and please no little kids.

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    I have sent you an invite on psn and through elite, i have created a website for our clan last night which is here:http://then00bclan.enjin.com/home. it's nowhere near finished but as i said i only started it last night. Here is my elite clan page https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/152184.


    We have only done 2 clan ops for BO2 so far and got silver both times with just 2 of us. The other guys were not enlisted otherwise we would have had gold! we WILL get gold tonight and tomorrow if we have a full team. So join us now and get involved. K/D means nothing as we all have a good and bad games but i have a 2.38 k/d on BO2, a 2.43K/D on MW3 so im not a noob, i am a objective based team player.