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What's wrong with this game?!?!


This game is beyond messed up! The game is fake. I'm shooting the enemy player first at the chest and I end up dying first... I can't kill anyone online. I went 0/24 when I've already had previous experiences on CoD. My average KDR is 1.56 but on this game it's 0.74 because honestly I can't get a single kill. The game is terrible. I've seen the game cancel bullet damage, reduce my grenade damage and not show enemy players until they start shooting or when I'm about to die.




My game is in Spanish. The store won't accept it because it's already "used" since I already opened it, my locale is set to English and my location is in United States. 95% of the time I don't understand a single word and the attachments are hard to understand. I have to put up Treyarchs mistakes? Treyarch better release a Plugin that lets me change it in English because I am NOT wasting $60 again for a game like this and I'm not taking that risk again. $120? No thanks!