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We are dmnd and this is what we can do. Check it out. Join us we are a close knit clan that almost always has someone online.

Sup guys we are [DMND] diamond clan. We are a close knit clan that almost always play together. You want to to see us play well here ya go.



Please drop a like and subscribe to the channel. We dont only snipe also we play any game type any gun. We want ppl tht are at least online once a day and will actually play with us. Also please drop a like on our facebook page.


It would be greatly appreciated and go apply for our clan [DMND]DIAMONDpsn also add Zoobee5 and sakitaki and tell them that youre interested in joining other than that thank you and we are hilarious ppl and its a fun time. Please no 30 year olds thank you. Message and post on our fb