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I really scared with this problem on COD: 4 Modern Warfare

Hi, my name is marcel, i'm new on this forum, but... i have a really big problem... me and one friend, go to play cod 4: modern warfare on ps3, but the problem, we enter on a match, and that match, have fps counter like the pc version, the classes are called:






the problem, the match end, and me and my friend, HAVE LV55 MAX PRESTIGE

before the match, my original level are 34, and my friend have 54 to go to first prestige


The stats now are:


Rank: +Lv 55

XP: 999000


Next Rank:



Score: 2147483646

Kills: 2147483646

Headshots: 162 (this are normal)

Assist: 100 (same the headshots)

Streak: 9999 (my original streak are 14)

Deaths: 79098


Time Played: 0d 14h 1m


my console and the console of my friend, never have any modiffication, never, (nothings with custom saves, custom firmwares, nothing, in my case, i hate the piracy)


My primary fear: i can be banned from the servers? (i'm play Cod4, MW2, MW3 and BO2)

really, i really pissed of and really sad for this problem, but i can't have any direct support from Activision/Inifinity Ward, please. help me!


i deleted my save data, the game data, and i have this f*cked stats, i'm really... scared.


here a photo: http://i50.tinypic.com/1ixwlu.jpg


here a photo from my tv to see that stats.

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    I am sure if you contact Activision tomorrow and explain the issue they will be able to resolve it. I have read somewhere else that someone was hacked and they were able to reinstate their previous statistics, it may take a few days to take effect I believe, but don't worry, I am sure they can fix this.


    On another note, I made a post about Modern Warfare yesterday, asking if there is many that play it still? As I am thinking of buying it again, and are the servers back online? As I read multiplayer was not playable anymore.





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    i have same problem... but i dont up level...  one day at the end of match my challenges are all over completed and i cannot unlock more challenges and sights... i cannot get sights... i can unlock weapons.. without sights.. this is my problem and i want reset my online account or fix this debug.


    support of activision is very primitive... they are supporting only new games. from chile i cannot call for phone.. this call can cost like a ferrari


    my ps3 is new.. i dont like piracy, hacks.. i change my pc for ps3 for this motive..