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W/L Ratio !!!!!!!!!!!


this is just my opinion(of course people wont agree) but i honestly think this shouldnt matter to people. like for instance i was in a game and topped the score on my team and obviously came first but we lost the game. i capped loads but obviously ended up losing the flags, thus losing the game. but that doesnt mean that u are a bad player. as i said its just my opinion but i really think this stat shouldnt matter to people

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    Cool story bro

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    Well at least in this game it should not. Mine is 0.74 and it went down from 1.11 to my current ratio because of all the matches I get put into with my team getting bombarded with scorestreaks.

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    This is an age old argument...  The majority of the (mature) community agrees that:


    - KD does not matter in Objective games (WL is more important, but if you can do both the more power to you).  This has been even demonstrated in this game as WL is the only stat that matters as placement in league play.


    - KD is the only thing that is important in TDM and FFA


    - Kill Confirmed is an interesting beast: dying less is good, but going positive and collecting no tags is only effective if you protect your teammates who are collecting.  And if nobody collects, you can call swarms in all day and still lose.

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    like I said in my other response... the mature members of the community agree

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    i'm an author lol

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    My Stick and Stones points per game is somewhere around 60, it's considered average and I'm ranked right around 1 millionth. What stupid about this stat is that I'm averaging 30 kills a game quite a few times I'm getting 150+ points only to be set-back 10 seconds before that game ends. I never finish with 60 points it's either 150ish or 0



    People join the games and don't take me seriously, but when I start BKing them from 100+ feet they throw fits and tell me I suck and I'm cheating. I'm not, I'm just really good with the BK (can't use the Crossbow worth a damn though) and get triples kills like their nothing



    Point is the stats in this game do nothing to show how good someone is, all CoDs have been like that

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    Every stat matters to someone. You may feel that K/D is the most important, others would feel W/L is more important. In the end, all that matters is whether or not you're having fun.



    I have a 0.49 W/L on Domination, because I keep getting saddled with people who don't understand the objective of Domination... Meanwhile, my W/L in TDM is 1.23, despite my overall K/D being only 0.93.


    The PDW is now listed as my "deadliest" weapon, despite having a K/D of only 0.88 with it (down from 1.06 on Friday, before I started trying to get Art of War and Cherry Blossom.) According to K/D, my best weapon is the S12 (1.33, with only 4 kills) followed by the Five-seven pistol (1.08, with 39 kills.)


    It's all a matter of perspective. One stat shouldn't be the only thing that people use to determine if someone is a good player. You have to look at a number of factors, including the stats, but not ONLY the stats.

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    Personally I take cheesburgers and beer seriously, the dump I take after consuming the mentioned has more meaning than anything that happens in this game.

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    This about sums it up.


    You are what you eat; not what COD stats say

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