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Some Things That Irritate Me!


I won't be writing a ton of stuff, but I'm going to bullet out everything that I hope Treyarch fixes at some point in the next few weeks.




  • Executioner - Change challenges to one shot kill challenges, for the love of god!
  • Buff the Vector - Give it a less recoil. It should be the most accurate SMG.
  • Buff the Executioner - This thing is hilariously terrible.
  • Buff Extended Clip (See Below)
  • Buff Fast Mags slightly
  • Buff the Scar-H - Less recoil please and thank you.
  • Change the Extended Clip name to "Extended Mags"
  • Please make Nuketown 24/7 a permanent playlist or increase it's liklihood in Chaos.
  • Buff the M27 - Give it a 3 shot kill at very close ranges OR increase its rate of fire to 850rpm (like we were expecting it to be).

Anyone else have complaints with the current system? Post below!

Extended Magazine Buff/Nerf:
Assault Rifles: 50% increase in magazine count 10% increase in reload time
Submachine Guns: 50% increase in magazine count 15% increase in reload time
Light Machine Guns: 100% increase in magazine count 25% increase in reload time
Sniper Rifles: 100% increase for Bolt Actions, 50% for Semi Autos 15% increase in reload for Bolt Action, 20% for semi autos
Shotguns: 50% increase in magazine/tube count No reload penalty for single shell loading, 10% reduction in magazine fed shotguns
Pistols: Variable magazine increase, no reload penalty.
Five Seven - 20/30
Tac-45 - 10/20
B23R - 15/24
Executioner - N/A
Kap-40 - 15/30
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    one thing i would like to add to the list is blood thirsty medals. I'm going for the diamond camo and i only need 1 more gun. now i got atleast 5 bloodthirsties when i need to do the 100 headshots. I think the blood thirsys should count for later whenn you get them because they are kind hard to get

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    Buff the Vector? Are you kidding?!!

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    1. The lack of any sort of team balancing once the game starts.


    2. Friends' games being listed as "Joinable" when the server is full. An option to wait for an open slot or simply list it as being full would be nice...


    3. The constant switching of servers midgame. I can understand it every once in awhile, but it happens probably 1/3 games. Are the servers just underpowered, or are there too many of them using the same outbound connection?

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    one more thing, a lobby with no shotguns. I used the remingtion got gold for it didnt know how others felt till i got killed with a shot gun 60 times in one game no joke not kidding. I want to see a game mode with out shot guns. also sabatoge i miss that game mode a lot.

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    Executioner: I've never even unlocked this weapon, so I can't comment on it.

    Vector: This is a great weapon as is.  It took a couple games to get used to it, but once I did it became one of my favorites; the recoil is manageable, and either way it's best used in CQC and very short-range gunfights.

    Extended Clip: Aside from changing the name (ugh), I don't really have a problem with it as is.  I rarely use EC on any weapon, and very rarely die because I ran out of ammo & couldn't reload quickly enough.

    Fast Mags: I do use this pretty regularly, particularly on SMG classes, and think it's also great as is.  On the Vector in particular it's very useful.  Honestly, LMGs are the only weapons which give me problems when it comes to reload time, but with them the magazine/belt size is so large that you should be able to plan your reloads to occur when you have good cover & aren't likely to be flanked.

    SCAR-H: Is already my favorite AR.  The recoil is very manageable, you just have to understand that it's not the kind of weapon you want to be holding down the trigger on.  Recoil is almost completely straight upwards, and the recentering time is fast enough when you burst fire.

    M-27: I don't have very many games with this weapon yet, but from what little I have used it the gun seems pretty solid.  Low damage, yes, but extremely accurate and you can spam the trigger pretty liberally when need be.  I'll reserve judgment until I get around to using it more often (once I've completed mastery on a couple other ARs).


    As far as Nuketown 2025, I'm generally okay with the solution they used after everyone got so upset when it was initially pulled from public play entirely.  That said, I actually prefer many of the new maps over Nuketown (and it was one of my favorites in BO1); what made the map so appealing in the first Black Ops was the small size relative to other maps, which translated into much higher scores for most players.  In BO2 you have other small maps (and ones which play small) such as Hijacked, Raid, Yemen, etc., and they actually tend to pile up points just as quickly as Nuketown ever did; Hijacked probably more quickly.


    All of that said, some (other) things which irritate me:


    • Care package theft/trolling.  They increased the amount of time it takes a Black Hat to "hack" a friendly care package, but I still see people in almost every lobby stealing friendly care packages whenever the person who called it in does anything other than sprint to it the instant it lands.  Increase the amount of time needed to cap a teammates CP at the least, or better yet make it so that no teammate can capture or re-roll a "friendly" CP unless the person who called it in okays it by tapping square.
    • Provide some sort of cover within the capture radius of the B flag on Express.  Even something as simple as a footlocker, like on Nuketown, would work and would fit in with the map's theme.
    • Either RPGs need a damage nerf against scorestreaks, or they need to make it much more difficult to score a direct hit with one against a VTOL.
    • Get rid of most of the unneeded character chatter during the game, or at least provide a separate control which allows players to mute it.  I would much rather hear about the enemy being on B or an incoming hostile Lightning Strike than hear "You wanna get paid?" for the billionth time.
    • SMGs should not have a "long barrel" attachment!  LMGs should not have a suppressor available!


    I think that's it for now.

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    Nerf shotguns, they really are stupid.


    Would love to see a system like mentioned above about entering full games.  Maybe do something like Counter Strike used to do and let you spectate until an opening occurs. 


    Make it more difficult for players to lay down in the middle of firing


    Nerf damage of SMGs at range


    Add more maps to ground war and possibly another section of ground war with demo, headquarters, and search and destroy or something like that

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    Double capacity to Tac45 and Kap40 for ex mag, way to OP. Both those pistols are beast. Tac45 has a great 2 shot drop range and Kap40 is as close to an SMG as a pistol can get (in some cases it can kill faster than SMG). The only thing to balance these are the limited rounds. Pistols are designed as side arms, as back-up to the primary. Now, I know this game is different from previous COD and pistols are a viable option as primaries for some players. Lets leave pistols alone and be thankful they finally have killing potential.


    One other note. I do agree with the M27 increase fire rate. Its probably the slowest killing potential of all the primary firearms in the game. If I dont flank my opponent or catch them before they fire on me I have a hard time winning gunfights with it. The one exception is in hardcore. But I have stopped using this weapon in core based matches, but that's just me. I'm sure some players may find it good enough in it's current condition.

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      It's not specifically for pistols, it's for extended clip. Extended Clip should A) Be Extended Mags (because it irritates gun afficianados) and B) Should give a higher boost than 33%. I don't see why in the future you'd have SMALLER magazines... O_o

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        Indeed I agree with the name change. I too am an avid firearms owner and aficionado. So much so, I call them weapons or firearms. Not guns, but I digress. My specific points were not to the 50% increase in capacity to extended mags for primary weapons, but only to the pistols. More importantly the two pistols I mentions. I believe they are fine as they sit now, and thank 3arc for making sidearms a viable killing tool compaired to the pee shooters of the past.

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    The game itself is good but 65% of the players are ******* noobs. Drop shotters, campers and people who run around with rocket launchers piss me right off. Drop shotting should not be rewarded with medals in a real war would you drop to the floor when there is someone a couple of feet away ? No, you would shoot at them.