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~New Clan with Big Plans~ (Xbox 360)


     Hey fellow Call of Duty players my name is Zach I'm recruiting for my new clan called SurPressed. First off as of now there is no need for a name change. This clan is going to be big into Game Battles with it's own team, but also big in public matches as well. I'm looking for devoted people who love the game as much as I do and people who have experience and the will to bring this clan from nothing to something. For now I need a variety of players, you snipe? Cool come on and join I need you, you rush? Cool I need you to. We are Level 1 on Elite but not for long because I get memeber's Clan operations are going to be a big deal. Only requirements are you have a kill death ratio of 1.00 or higher, be devoted, positive and a BIG team player and communicator. Finally I am looking for a co-leader to help me run things. If you are interested or have questions on more things please message me on XBL. My GT: ItzZachychan