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Need a mw3 Clan (PS3)

My Psn id is kilafractor.. i only play modern warfare 3 and my ratio is 1.26 so im a pretty deecent layer.. if anyone is looking for new clan members i would be interested..

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    APEX is recruiting

    We just like to have fun and win

    we promote tactics with an easy and relaxed atmosphere

    PSN: APEX_TGT Email: apextgt2@gmail.com



    Clan site

    clan HQ


    Games we play

    Red Dead Redemption

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    Modern Warfare 3

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      Clan Name: ANONYMOUS CREW

      Clan Leader: XxtremePulse

      Clan KD Ratio 1.42

      Clan SPM 346.99

      Clan LVL: 50

      Clan Size:33

      YouTube Channel: A3AnonymousCrew

      PS3 Elite clan team for MW3 & B02

      Game style: We play every thing on MW3 & B02. We are now doing BO2 Clan Ops.

      Clan State base: Most of our Clan members are from California, Western states reaching out around the world.

      We plan to take a few of our experienced members and enlisting into a California PS3, MW3 tournament this summer. We are a skilled group with full of potential. If you are a experienced, serious player or just looking for a good team to own. search no father..



      What we expect from our members & requirements to join:


      Must be active in MW3 & BO2

      Must be mature, dedicated.


      -Requirements to join:


      KD requment 1.10 above

      Must pass try outs


      What we offer back to our members:


      Improvement in K/D & SPM.

      Organize tactics & leadership

      Friendly tournaments with winner prizes.

      Mature Gaming atmosphere.

      YouTube videos.


      Steps on how to join our crew.

      -Submit a application "APPLY" on our Elite Clan Page.

      -Contact our clan leader.

      -Try out's on 3 simple game modes on MW3. TDM,KC,DOM depending on your performance.Try out's do not take all day but will take a few matches.


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    Link to clan page:

    Message for details/invite:
    iTz--bLuE or SWKU