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when do the season pass holders for ps3 get nuketown zombies?


i know harden got it,and xbox 360 got it if your a season pass holder,but when is ps3 turn?i keep hearing people say,xbox will get the maps next month and ps3 in feb,also heard i have to wait till feb,what is the point of makeing us wait till feb,if nuketown zombies is a bouns map and not a dlc map pack?well im hopeing it does come out for ps3 next month and both ps3 and xbox 360 both get the map packs in feb,because the contract is due dec 2012,so im guess thats why they give them nuketown early?also guessing this is why ps3 has to wait one month just because of the nuketown zombies,they really could of waited on the season pass thing till jan,but marketing i suppose and xmas and all,sloppy but hey so what do you guys think ps3 will get it next month?,i can wait for the map packs,i just want another map to play for awhile