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Diamond snipers


Well I just got diamond.

The last gun I needed to do was the SVU.

How was the experience for you guys getting this one gold?

It was suprisingly easy for me, I got all bloodthirsty's within 3 hours of play

With the acog on this puppy it's a freaking beast. aim and spray like a mofo.


I got this gun gold in about 7 hours. Even got the bloodthirsty's before the long range ones XD


Now it's back to the ballista, but I'm keeping that extra SVU class

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    i thought it was surprisingly easy to get Diamond snipers.  i just played alot of hardcore. and for the bloodthirstys if i couldnt seem to get them in core i would play HC again and just throw a silencer on! and personally i take off both the perks and attachments at the same time.. just like ripping off a bandaid

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      Same here,

      I believe everyone does that XD

      I mean why play with only attatchments or only perks if you can do both.


      I could have gotten them way sooner but I really thought it was to much of a struggle using the SVU.

      While actually it's my best sniper to use. Probably because you can destroy people like any other gun. It's not really a sniper with an acog on it.


      It's like an AR but better

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    Dear god I hate **** with Diamond snipers.  Most of them boosted it, most of them quick scope, most of them join ground war and try to spawn camp, they dont do objectives and dont even hold positive KDRs.  The worse is when they talk over the mic, and you have to hear there 12yr old girly voices.


    If you legit earned your diamond and dont quick scope, congratz on being in the top 1% of all sniper users in CoD. I truly admire your ability to not be a ******* douchebag like everyone else.

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      i did earn my diamond legit, I do QS all the time, i do have a positive KD, but thanks for noticing i am pretty good!

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      Well then I must be one of the 1% people.

      I QS when I have to and I always play my objective.

      Got all DOM challanges done within a week.


      I hate boosters and I have to agree on you that I too see snipers that really are not that great and all they do is quickscope yet have diamond camo.


      My scores are mostly 1 on 1. sometimes I have little kill of death ratio's and sometimes the onther way around. I don't like campers and I hate headglitching (wich is totally what these maps are about)


      To answer your comment shortly, yes I did it legit.

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    I am working on Diamond Camo for the snipers now. I have the Assault rifles 100% done thank god, that was a grind getting through all 9. Currently I have the SVU done and about to finish the 1st bolt action you unlock. That one is a pain in the butt for me personally because I seem to always be behind on the screen. If I miss the first shot then I am instantly killed which is making a bloodthirsty a pain. SVU was as simple as can be, I did it in a matter of hours. That gun is beast, and I had fun using it too. Not looking forward to the next bolt action though.

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      Getting bloodthirstys is def. easier with a suppresor. The DSR is still quiet often a OHK with sup but with the ballista i would recommend HC and especially for the SVU.

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        I did the ballista in core.


        The ballista is my fav because of the fast ADS.

        I don't have a problem with having to be a bit more accurate with it.

        i actually do worse with the DSR

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    I am on the last one, I actually found it a struggle to get the 250 one hit kills with the SVU and the Ballista at times. Once I finished that part the rest of the challenges usually go by pretty quick though.

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    yeah the diamond camo looks cool!............(if your a woman)

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      I agree with you I really do.


      The most awesome camo for me is the CE digital. I also like the Art of War one.

      But with my clan we also choose the most ugly camo and it this case it's the diamond

      Always thought gold was ugly to