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Fed up - again! CoD Series really suck!


A few month ago I was about to say: "Give them a little time to fix all the Problems of BO2 (especially the LAG Problems!) - but now?

It´s all about "connection" if you win or lose!


I thought: "Ok, let´s go back and play good ol´Mw3"...


After some pretty successful matches it turned into a mess - again: Lag and camping all game long!


I played TDM and Domination only.


In MW3 you´ll only find "Noobs" now - people with no Prestige - and no skill. So they camp all the way....


In BO2 camping is not the issue to talk about - despite it still exists and it increases on some maps...

But: How to kill a camper if you or the camper is "laggy"/has a poor connection?

You´ll be the one who dies - and the camper get his "proof" he´s done right!


Is this what ACTIVISION/TreyArch and InfinityWard want?


Totally pissed off "Hardcore-Gamers" who lose against little Kids and cowards?


If it´s like this - I am off!


I truly will not buy any CoD any more. Never ever!



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    A lot of people have this same complaint and it's upsetting that the "old call of duty players" people who have been playing since day one, are quitting and letting the "noobs" take over.

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    as far as I know...we can complain all we want but profit is profit and activision, infinity ward and of course treyarch have one thing in mind: how to make more money. think about it...lag


    compenstation...why put that into a game where connection, aiming and skill should be taken into account instead of which team has host or who has a crappier connection?


    they put lag compenstation because they want to cater to the cheaper players who cant afford good


    internet so that more ppl will buy cod because they can play and still be 'competitive' now with lag compenstation


    its never about making things fair and just, its about making money and making as much as you can.


    season pass, dlc's cod elite( when it wasnt free) all money grabs


    if you play cod now.. this is what you should expect and sadly Im one of those or I should say the many that have a good connection and get screwed over by lag compenstation lol


    either way they want more and more ppl to buy this without having to really fix it fully and


    properly...thats prolly why it takes so long to patch and hotfix stuff its because its not the highest priority. its my take anyways... and thanks if youve read all this!