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Am I the only one who feels like this game is rigged?

I cant be the only one who's thought about this.


think about it. how can 30 people on my friends list have between .80 and 1.25 or so K/D.

Some people are better than others, Thats just the way it is. yes there are a few people that are so good they would never lose. and the rest will never win.

I suck at basketball. I wouldnt expect to beat kobe in a game, no matter what kind of shoes he's wearing. ever.


Im always yelling about the lag. but my connection is amazing (dont ask, i spent my entire black ops 1 career fixing it).


I notice that it is almost impossible (unless i camp my heart out) to get my K/D above 1.2. I have three accounts and they're all around 1.17.

Everytime I do good for a couple days and my k/d is up to 1.2 im instantly what feels like 2-3 seconds behined. not only that but i take less shots to die and it takes alot more shots to kill someone. like 25 shots with 10 of them actually registering a hit marker. 10 hitmarkers is alot i would say. that may be the extreme but you get the idea. you've all been there,

Its very rare for someone to even call in a high scorestreak.


the people that scream about this the most are the ones with higher k/d on my friendslist. partially because they are more competitive then most.


Think about it, how addicting is this game? why? Is it the false sense of achievement and accomplishment? maybe.


but nobody wants to WIN or lose all the time. thats boring. what if everybody was right around the same? what if there was a way to control everybodys skill level?

wait, there is. "lag compensation".  Im just saying that would be the best way to keep 25 million people playing the game for another year.


not saying 1.2 is the mark or everybodys going to be the same. but horrible players get mvp every few games and the highest skilled players are on the bottom alot.


I may be making up conspiracies, but if a normal joe video gamer brain like mine can concoct a skeem like this. then you know people who are investing and making billions of $ off of it already have. the majority of the players wouldnt care either way.


I think you get the jist of what im trying to say. Im not saying it is. But i honestly feel like this game is rigged. To be "fair" for everyone. or addicting for everyone.


What do you think.

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    can you post a video Im trying to get a good view of everyones lag while having 4 bars. still havent seen a legit case yet.

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    There are videos all over youtube.


    I have seen it so bad that a guy was running and suddenly dropped dead.  Then on the killcam it showed in running straight headon into a guy,  yet on this screen there was nobody there at all.


    If you are telling me you have seen all these vids and you have not seen a legit case then my guess would be you don't quite understand what it is we are talking about so you don't know what you are looking at when you see the vids.

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    I want to see yours tho. Showing that you had a 4 bar connection while this "lag" was hitting you. and 9/10 out of 10 the people i watched simply had poor aim. some guys were legit lagging, but had 3-1 bar connections. I have not seen any positive proof that a guy with a full 4 bar Host connection is getting screwed over.


    and if you have please direct me to them so i can watch them.

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    This isn't really about lag


    We can go on and on about lag. Trust me I can go on and on.

    But lets keep this to the original subject. At least for the time being.



    Op. Game its rigged. why? Why wouldn't it be? if its not it should be. talk amongst yaselves.

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    I was thinking the same thing in the MW3 days and i still believe there is some code inside the game that when you do well then your next matches you get a handicap so the low skilled players can get some cheap kills by killing you.


    If the low skilled players would get destroyed every match then they will lose interest in the game and Activision won't sell many copies of the next installement or upcoming DLCs, its all about expanding the sales by giving bad players the illusion being good at the game.


    I remember in MW3 days that my movement speed was slowed down every time i had a good gameplay, i asked a friend of my who has a 3.0 K/D (a real CoD beast) and he said the same, the game is giving you a disadvantage to equal the "playfield" when in reality its expanding the sales.


    In Black Ops 2 my movement speed doesn't slows down but i've noticed that there is still a handicap system, when you do well then the next match you get either host or the pakets (internet traffic) will be slightly delayed, this means the enemies team sees you first on their screen while you see them later.


    Its probably depending on where you live, but that is my experience with the game. And no, i don't think you talk bullcrap, i actually believe you are a smart guy because you see what is really going on with the game.

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    i dont see that happening ever.

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    Then consider yourself lucky.

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    I have an incredibly difficult time stringing "amazing," games together. People talk about "rubber banding," and maybe that's the issue, but I don't know. I've worked IT jobs in my life, but my knowledge of coding and programming for networks, hosts and such is sort of limited. Anyway.


    Last night in a lobby, everyone was chatting about the lag issues. The one agreement was the biggest problem is the inconsistency. One game you're going 36-5 and feel like a god among mortals. Next game you're try-harding to get 14-15. It's weird.


    And no, it's not all about KDR. It's frustrating in Objective: going to the SAME objective on the SAME map, shooting at the SAME guy, you're losing the SAME gun battle that you were owning easily the game prior. How could it so drastically change?

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    withg respect ive sufferd at the hands of lag and what your asking for i my self have never seen for me every time this happens were lag is the cause if im host or not dont matter once it takes a hold 1 team or both teams or certain players drop to a 1 bar briefly i have experianced lag comp on a full bar connection when it takes half a clip from point blank range in the chest to have them turn and insta kill me yea all be it doesnt happen very offen but it happens as for saying peoples vidios you looked at was not due to lag due to BAD aim please the kill box on this game is so large you can point your gun at 45 degree angle from the player your shooting at and still get hit markers ask how many people have bein killed in a match and watch the final kill cam and gone WTF he/she was no were near on target to get that kill what your asking for is near imposable its gotton that bad people i play with ranked in top 100 on mw3 have changed there isp from a good to the worst cheapest they can and guess what 50-10 core kc near every game my view is they made it so easy for the millions billions out there who can only afford PAG mobile internet to get the best out of this game why the rest of us suffer how do i know all this because due to isp outage 2 nights ago i connected xbox to laptop through my mobile internet for laugh and exsperament guess what yea took longer to find lobbys but i had a wavey 2 3 bar connection the came ran so smooth i thought i was dreaming no lag all bullets reg as should and owning most of the players in the rooms i tryed so yea there is a issue here they need to stop trying to cater for mobile BB although im not a idiot i do realise some people cant afford decent internet low family budget and so on but at least make a game that splits the connections better i.e under 4mb 80ms pings get shoved in there own lobbys and us who pay a small fortune for our home internet get a better gameing experiance

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