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Buying "Season Pass"? Never ever! ROFL


It´s "between the years" now - and many people have holidays but....


Really no one is playing BO2 any more!

I have around 40-50 PSN-friends playing CoD. Tonight I´ve seen 10-15 online.

Only 5 were playing BO2!

After 3 matches DOM, discovering other "Teams" (even Clans!!) abusing it for TDM, 1-2 players kept playing!

All the others (me too) rejected the game from their PS3 to play something else. Something better!!!




Notice: The amount of players who feel brain-f*cked by your companies customer behaviour,, start to take it personal!

They won´t buy "Season Pass" - and probably also deny to buy any other CoD Release in the future!


It´s your own fault! It´s your companies reputation that is now on target!


Tonight I am truly about to sell BO2 - more convinced about selling it than ever before!


Who agrees? I might launch an Facebook-Profile or Twitter-Account to make you feel!