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Looking for mature players Xbox/PS3


TORC is a top ranked Call of Duty Elite clan that participates in clan operations, challenges, tournaments, and gamebattles. We have several different types of members ranging from average to competitive. We are a mature group that is friendly, loyal, and dedicated.



Apply to join at backoutnow.com


We look for BOTH Xbox and PS3 members



Games we play
- MW3
- BF3
- HALO 4



We are looking for individuals who want to play as a team to win. We ask very little of our members and try to limit the rules to the bare minimum. Their are special requirements you must meet before applying to join.



- You must be at least 18 years old.
- You must have a kill to death ratio of 1.10 or higher.
- You must have a working microphone for xbox /ps3.
- You must register on our site and use our forums


Here is a video I made to get you pumped. Were not a sniper only clan it just makes for good clips to use in videos.