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Suggestion for engineer perk.


I personally see this as a problem.

I really dont like it that my team mates can reroll my care package.


It has become a bit of a problem.

This problem happened to me way to often because some people just want to be annoying.

i am not the greatest player that can get big scorestreaks on my own and when I get a good one in my care package there are people that reroll it and turn it into a UAV or something like that.


Today I got a K9 in my package and this jackass turned it into a gaurdian. I know this seems funny but I can't laugh about it.

To make it worse it was a christmas noob that only got negative scores and he didn't even play the objective (Domination)


What do you guys think? Would this be a good change? I mean If you want a rerolled package you and only you should be able to do it while using engineer.