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My likes/dislikes of BO2 (dont hate me, just would like to voice my opinion)


Likes : (1) Weapon Prestige(Brilliant), helps you level up faster and you have more time earning things before you get bored with the weapon. Although I do dislike it with weapons that I don't particularly enjoy, it still makes me give that weapon alot more play time and I learn to get better with it.

(2) Scorestreak(Thank God no more Stealth bombers from the 18-50 guy). Although I think objectives should give maybe like 100 more points in domination. Tired of people playing TDM in Dom. While the cap and cap kills are more than a regular kill. Some people dont see the trade off of being highly visible worth it. I personally think it's fine, but apparently alot of people dont.

(3) A whole new level of customization. This is how create a class should have always been. I really feel like I'm creating a personal class for me, and not just slapping a bunch of perks on. Everything is split up and you can choose lethals or not and so forth. Stand up job there.

(4) Removal of Deathstreaks. That didn't do anything but make bad people stay bad. If you can't get it together without a little boost. Keep practicing or change games if it's not working out :/.

(5) No random grenades killing you as soon as the game starts: Do I even need to explain myself on this one?

There's more likes but I don't feel like wall of texting everyone


Dislikes(sorry here it comes, dont beat me plz): (1) Dropshotting/Quickscoping: Dropshotting, the idea sound, make yourself a smaller target which is therefore harder to hit. The way it works in-game un-realistic( But koopsta it's a video game) Yes I know it's a video game, but CoD has a little realism in it, which is why I like it alot. Hold your empty arms out like you are shooting a weapon. Go to the kneeling position then into a prone. If you held that fake rifle perfectly still with no side to side sway or even up and down bobbing. My arguement is dead. Quick scoping. Now sniper camping to me is fine, it's what snipers do, thats why your team balances itself.  But quickscoping I can't deal with. Too unrealistic. Perfect headshots at long range. Taking perfect shots at close range from basically a hip fire. I just don't find that feasable. I'm going to be honest here and say I rage way more getting quickscoped from halfway across the map than I do from a guy who has been sitting and waiting.(That's what snipers do.)

(2) Spawn camping: These maps are not that small. In the large amount of open space, you mean to tell me the programming can't find one spot on the map that someone isnt camping in to be brought back into the game? Camp all you want dude, but can I move before im shot? 2 seconds of breathing room. The devs put alot of work into these maps, I'd like to get to see it.

(3) Carrier: nuff said.

(4) Lag: Might be my shitty connection, but every time I watch a kill cam it's never how I saw it. Normally I've fired maybe 4-6 shots already(1-2 with shotguns,etc.) Guy turns around pops off 1 round blam I am dead. Kill cam says I never shot, Guy shot like 10 times. Tha eff?


Hope you all enjoyed the read. I'd also like to see some of your personal likes and dislikes as well .