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Black Ops 2 glitch resets me 6 levels, erases entire night of play

Note: I also posted this in Technical Support, but since this error occured on the Xbox platform, I feel it should also be posted here in case it happens to others.


YouTube video link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nnjCSjLSMU


At the end of a Domination game at Yemen, I received some "UI Error" and ended up resetting me to the beginning of the night. I LOST levels, going from Prestige 3 Level 36 to Prestige 3 Level 30. I also lost my weapon attachment unlocks and headshots. Everything I earned that night just vanished. However, I have proof via the Call of Duty Elite Website and the theater mode that I WAS a level 36 and that I lost my attachments.


Hopefully somebody from Treyarch sees this so that I can a) get my XP and challenges back and b) fix this glitch so it doesn't happen to anybody else.


Xbox Live Gamertag: Marsh Herrm


Thank you.