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the next call of duty and some things I really want and hope activision, treyarch, sledgehammer games, and or infinity ward will do

so based from the pattern from all the call of duties I think  the next one is going  to be a modern

warfare although I am not asking for details of the next game but I am highly advising you to use most of my Ideas.

so I think in the next cod there should definitely be combat training and with the combat training

  you be able all the ability as if you are in match making multi player such as prestiging, weapon leveling, weapon prestiging, and being able to play on all modes even the party modes, also hopefully all the customization as if you were in a private match or custom game. also the reason for all of this is because I and most of the other players such as some of other pro gamers like the call of duty games because they are fun.

but for call of duty black ops 2 the combat training is a disappointment because you could not accomplish anything

and on the first black ops you got to level 50 and could not prestige. overall all of this would be nice because for well here is an example I am

playing some multi player and and I get ticked off because of a hacker witch we

all know are out there so I rage quit and then play some bots but since I am

not accomplish anything I soon become bored and if this happens too much soon I will stop liking cod as much, thus for adds up to me and or anyone else who this regards to, but if I were to be able to accomplish stuff probably none of this would happen.

also I forgot specialist bonus would be awesome because I loved that f

rom mw3 and I was pretty upset that specialist bonus was not there



                                                                                                                                                    PS overall I really like the new call of duty black ops 2