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Quick scoping vs Sniping (hard scoping) What do you prefer?


Today me and a buddy of mine tried something new.

We wanted to know if quickscoping is really annoying?


We played a match of demolition on yemen.

This was wat we were rolling with:





Flack jacket


tactical mask

( I am a sniper/QS)


My buddy:


scorpion EVO


fast hands


(He can't QS for **** and he does'nt care about it)


The first game we were QS our asses off and I got 28 kills and 20 deaths with 4 bomb plants

He had 18 kills and 34 deaths and 2 plants.


Now we got a few hate mails we should stop the QS because blah blah blah.


The second game the same map was chosen and we decided to go hardscope.

Now we completely ignored planting the bomb because snipers or hardscopers if you prefer should camp and defend the battleground.


I had 52 kills and only 8 deaths while my buddy scored 49 kills with only 7 deaths.

We actually got hate mails that we were weak campers using snipers and blah blah blah and so on.


What to people want from snipers? I mean If we go quickscope it's a bad thing and if we camp and actually snipe we get even more complaints?



What are your thoughts on this? Should quickscoping be removed? Should it stay?

Imagine that quickscoping was not in this game and every sniper would just camp the F out of it and just kill everyone?

I mean I was kinda bored not running around with my sniper but well I did get a great score