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Short rant and a offer

Lately I've been feeling bored with this franchise. I've actually been so bored with it I've started playing ALL the cod they've put out. It all seems the same to me now.I need to do stuff in these games that are actually FUN. I need fun people to play these games with. I like to "troll" sometimes, sniping, trickshotting even though i kind of suck at it and other stuff. But it seems like every game I go on Theres a bunch of try hard people. Then it pisses me off and I become a try hard. I just need some fun people to play against or with, who don't necessarily care about kd or anything like that. My PSN is GetMoneyClik send me a friend request,hate mail, tell me that punctuation is terrible and grammar sucks. But I'm on my iPad and I could care less about that right now. Ok, have a nice day :)