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Scorpion Rising Currently Recuriting

Scorpion Rising

Now Recruiting Casual & Competitive Gamers




SR is now is now looking to expand into Black Ops 2 and MW3. We are looking for mature individuals that want to be part of a great community that participates in Tournaments and 3rd party league play(example MLG).  Currently we are a small clan with about 10 members for BLOPS and MW3, also would like to cap at 23-25 members. We also have a few Leadership positions open for those willing to help lead and grow SR into a top tier clan. Our only requirement to join is a MIC, We are willing to help those with low K/Ds.


What we offer:

1: Fully functional website with forums.

2: In clan Ranks & promotions.

3: In clan squad tournaments & events with prizes.

4: 3rd party Leagues and Tournaments for those that crave competition.

5: And of course a great environment with friendly laid back people to enjoy your game with.


Remember all you need is a MIC and Forum activity on our site to join.

APPLY HERE: http://www.scorpion-rising.com/join-us.html

Please add me GT: Socomunist for more information.

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