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Leaderboard issue and people quiting becoming a serious game breaker....


Ive said many times on here that this issue isnt a game breaking issue and that I still enjoyed the game. The thing is I seriously cant get a good game in. Every night I literally try time and time again to get in a good game. Everytime someone quits out. I cant even make it into the 20's anymore without someone quitting.


I havnt had a good game in over a month and that is the truth. Im telling you my last 200 games ive played someone has quit. If someone doesnt believe it is really that bad for me (which im sure from peoples own experience they do believe it) I urge them to add me as a friend and watch all my games in theater that are still there. It wouldnt even be hard, put it in fast foward and by round 12 someone quits beside the VERY rare game when they last till 15-20.


If I had been into the 40's or 50's on all the maps (besides solo) it probably wouldnt be that big of a deal. But right now im really trying for high rounds and I cant even get a chance to get there.


I know it helps playing with friends but tha tis not the answer becasue that can only do so much. I mean how many people on here have 3 friends ready to go at all times? I can hardly ever find 1 and its not for lack of effort.