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New SMG :Peacekeeper


So have we officially confirmed the addition of a new SMG the Peacekeeper, and a DLC drop date of Jan 29th? Did I miss this?



<i>Image credit: All Games Beta</i>

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    ive heard its only for people who have the season pass is this true or not i cant open link on my phone

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    I doubt it is just for Season Pass owners.

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    Yeah..... Cuz that's what this game needs, another SMG.  SMH

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    Another thread that was on here like a couple of days ago had a few people saying it may just be for zombies only...And that makes sense IMO. Plus the name would fit into the zombie scheme.


    Though if it is for MP, expect it to be OP, and that will be interesting.

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    I searched for other threads first. Hmmm. I dont read this like it would be for zombies only though.

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    No "official" word yet, Cowboy. Looks legit but no information apart from that leaked photo. Looks real, but could be the greatest troll ever lol.

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    It's already January and I really think Treyarch should start hyping the DLC. It's about to launch in a few weeks but they're still silent. I would like to know if this SMG will be for MP or Zombies. I'll buy the DLC for my 2nd account if it's for MP.

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    How's the rubber hand Roy?

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    I would link the thread but I forgot the title, it had a good amount of posts though (Could have got closed though)


    I think TSD posted a lot in that thread though saying that normally the weapons in the DLC's for Treyarch have been Zombie only, and that the CoD Engine currently could not support a new DLC weapon.


    I think it could if it was a locked on disc content, which I think it is, but at the same time it does make sense for being only in zombies, the name "Peacekeeper" and zombies goes quiet well.


    I wouldn't mind it it it was in MP, and also if it was only for Zombies...I think we'll have word soon but someone else pointed out that they might not even confirm if the weapon is Zombies only because of fear for loss of sell (Which makes sense also.)


    @haha, yes, i've seen 100k+ players on it during late nights, and even when it's early morning (3-8AM) at least 25-75k players are on, no lie. Not sure of PS3 numbers though.


    Besides, zombies spices up Black Ops 2 more, it'd be more dull IMO without it.


    *Cough* MW3 with spec ops. *Cough*

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