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how are we suposed to know to read the rules?
if your working with treyarch is the easter egg for tranzit over or is there another step to tranzit right now after the tower of babble?
are you honestly listening to us...... it seems like lies except that your are deleting post on the fourms.
is treyarch fixing any problems with zombies/black op2 and may we know what problem they are fixing so we stop complaining?
this fourm here is directly talking to treyarch and foxhound-pro.
why cant we reply to you? are you so busy that we dont matter?
why so secretive with stuff that will be shown to us at a recent date?

we are your customers..... the people who buy your product..... we should have a cool company that everyone loves but black ops 2 is quiet frankly a disapointment.


please fix the errors or ill start telling people to stop buying your games.

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    Moderating a forum doesn't mean you are a dev. -.-

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    They are just trolling us haven't you seen that photoshop image of the producers with troll faces that who and what they are

    And don't ban pls I like this don't get me wrong

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      You guys need to stop complaining all the time. I think they might just open their doors of customer support if all of you guys weren't complaining all the time. If you do stop buying games from the COD franchise then move on,but they will move on too. The  only other ok shooting games are


      1 Battlefield it's so realistic that it's hard to have fun.


      2 Gears Of War you run like a bunch of hunchbacks [no offense] that carry gunsAnt the controls are terrible.


      3 Medal of honor I haven't played it myself other then the demo so can't say much on this one


      4 Halo it's too slow you just kill and you don't get rewarded like in the COD franchise, no score/killstreaks no prestigeing/ranking up. Terrible maps and only story and multiplayer modes to play.


      Move on if that's what you want, but we will still support the franchise and there will always be haters and lovers. -_-

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        haha out of everyone you reply to him xD

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        Battlefield is an awesome game, but harder for the hardcore COD players as they miss the tactical mind to play it. COD is harder for a BF player cause u got such small maps with random spawns switching, lag that makes every gunfite unfair and always bad ballanced stuff.


        MOH-W is the better for of a COD game with some BF thrown into it to compensate the epic fails of COD. U still got scorestreaks but teamplay is much more rewarded and R&Gers with to tactic in there movement get pretty much r*ped.


        Don't play halo but I heard it's already a dying game that is fun in the beginning but gets boring pretty quick.

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    yeh i agree btw if you want a game where poeple listen to you go to bf3 these guys couldnt give a ****