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looking for a ps3 clan ***PICK ME***



I play ps3 (haylonr) and am interested in joining A CLAN. i live in nz (the best country in the world) and my kd is 1.15 on black ops 2 and last time i checked 1.28 on mw3 i play zombies and online and am 2 gold smgs off diamond (if that makes any differnce)

i would like a clan lvl 10 + or just a clan whos in it for the fun my moto for cod is if i havent made the enemy want to kill themselves in an utter rage then my work here isnt done

i play way to much and would like a clan to play with as im sick of being in a team of lvl 15 prestige 1 who have NO clue

i also have open nat

let me know if you are keen



ps check out my mates youtube he was number one for a while in new zealand and is top 500 in the world i beleave http://www.youtube.com/user/BlakeysBarracks