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Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) attachment question:


Okay, my question is why FMJ is so terrible at destroying UAV's/C-UAV's? I can whip out my LMG with FMJ equipped and destroy a V-TOL in around five seconds yet when I try to take down a UAV/C-UAV it takes my whole clip. I am hitting with most of my bullets because I'm getting hitmarkers.


My first thought is that they made the UAV/C-UAV so strong against FMJ bullets so people can't destroy them easy, but that's pointless. I run with my FHJ-18 AA and two BlackHacks. I always take down enemy UAV's/C-UAV's. Having FMJ take them down easier won't make a difference but it would make it a little easier for people like myself.


Also, how come the UAV's/C-UAV's fly off the map at light speed in this game? It wasn't like that in Black Ops. It's petty annoying when I shoot my missile at a UAV/C-UAV and it jumps into light speed and I just wasted a missile. Hell, sometimes the missile WILL hit it but won't destroy it. Just another thing taken straight out of Modern Warfare 3 I guess.